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Jv kids are just as good as varsity players. The younger kids may have seniors or juniors in front of them. In 10-5A there are some really good sophomore's.
Top 15 in district 10-5A
1.Robert Slagel(Rowlett)
2.Logan Brown(Rowlett)
3.Nick Rodgers(Naaman Forest)
4.Tyler Chase(Rowlett)
5.Cody Biggerstaff(Garland)
6.Jordan Zangarine(Rowlett)
7.Taylor Elms(Naaman Forest)
8.Matt Averitt(Naaman Forest)
9.Kyle Clowe(Naaman Forest)
10.Ray Ashford(Sachse)
11.Kyle Callahan(Sachse)
12.Colton Lankford(Rowlett)
13.Tony Salazar(South Garland)
14.Daniel Compean(Garland)
15.Austin Harris(Sachse)
These players all have great potential.
By the time there seniors it will come down between Rowlett and Naaman Forest.

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