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I'd appreciate a bit more "global" perspective on the subject of winning baseball organizations and team philosophies, courtesy of an ongoing dialogue string via the Banditos, a very successful select baseball organization based in the Houston area, Message Board.
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The truth lies in the fact that there's no possible way that thread exists if the Banditos organization did not play winning baseball. They're successfull and will always have a loyal following as long as their success continues. My son has played for the type of coaches that are alluded to in that thread and it didn't work for him. Or maybe I should say that it didn't work for me.
Sports are all about competition and ultimately winning - no matter the level. It's up to each player and parent to chose what's right for them. There's no mold that creates the perfect organization/team and certainly no coaching style or philosophy that can claim to be better than the other. Baseball by definition is a game. Therefore, there should always be an element of enjoyment. Notice I didn't say "fun". Where ever your son finds that "enjoyment", he will stand the most chance to grow as a player.
My son played with this Baseball Club for 5 years and I can say that I know how both sides of this issue can have valid points. We ahve not played with them for two years.
Ray can come across as harsh to some/most people. Ray is a very good motivator and recruiter. He will
put the kids in "the Grease" to enhance perfomance and get them ready for "the big Game". He will also have antics and DRAMA to go along with his program.
Most of the kids that play for him Love him and want to give all that they have. Some of those that are "haters" have either never played for the program or the parents had too big of egos to realize that there are better kids out there.

IMO...This is a very good program for the players with above average talent and those that have very thick skin.

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