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goes to Coach "Cal" and his Ubiversity of Hartford Baseball staff for a great Hot stove dinner this past Saturday night.

Annually they do this dinner in conjunction with the MLBPAA---guest this year were ex major leaguers Bud Anderson, Don DiMeola, Ron Diorio, John Doherty, Roger LaFrancois, Joe Lahoud, Dick McAuliffe, Mike Pagliarulo, Mike Stenhouse and Bobby Taylor

We had the pleasure of having Bud Anderson at our table---lots of great baseball talk the entire evening
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I loved those AL Games of the Week. Dick McAuliffe, Caesar Gutierrez (7 for 7?), Jim Northrup, Bill Freehan, Mickey Lolich, ? Price, Denny McLain (he was on his way out), Ike Somebody, ? Gates... I'm trying to remember all the old 1970 Tigers baseball cards I had. Yes, my mom threw them out.

** ha, also remember Felix Millan, Mickey Stanley and was it Gates Brown?
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