Hi guys I've got an 11.25 A2000 and I love it.... Only thing is,  it's still pretty stiff, dont get me wrong I like my glove pretty stiff, playing MIF and needing a a quick transfer and all, but I feel mine is just too stiff, I can barely close it!

So its been a whole HS season with this thing and we either have played or practiced everyday and its just, I can squeeze my glove and hold it!

Well yesterday I took some advice, put my glove in two grocery bags tie them up and put it in the microwave for 60 sec. It did a little but not much...

I want to be able to easily close it, but I dont really know what else to do... Anyways please give me some advice!!
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Don't do anything drastic like water dunk.  Keep breaking in gradually.  To speed it up a bit, use a glove mallet and a good conditioner like Nokona or ProPreps and just a bit of warmth, like in the back seat of a car on a warm day.  A quick one-minute shot in a pre-heated oven will do the trick.  Just enough to help the conditioner melt into the leather a bit.

Apply conditioner, warm, Hammer the pocket with the mallet in a way that simulates catching the ball.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

Good advice cabbagedad, just make sure you use any conditioner or oil very sparingly...too many glove ruined by saturating a glove, and making it heavy, and lose all stiffness.  Same goes for oven, microwaves, etc., be sure you don't do it long enough to break the leather down such that now you have a rag on your hand. 


One thing that always worked for us was to dial up a pitching machine, and catch a few hundred balls, it is a quick method, and the high speed impact of the baseball hitting the pocket will help break it in pretty darn quick.

A few years ago, we had the same exact problem with A6000.  I agree with Cabbagedad...don't do anything drastic.  We ended up applying an oil that my wife uses on her horse saddles.  The thing got so heavy (and it was still stiff) that it was unusable.  Tough lesson learned. 

+1 Golfman - the Aso method worked for us as well, when Jr's bat bag was stolen, and we needed to break in two new gloves (1B mitt, and fielding glove), in a matter of days.  

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