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At Yankee Stadium - 39% of HR's to LF, 39% of HR's to RF for Aaron Judge.  Son is home from college for a final visit to the doc from labrum surgery.   We now plan to go to the game, but we have to pick RF or LF.  #60 was to LF.   Rich Hill is pitching, and says his average FB is 88.  I guess I am answering my own question, but if anyone has a gut feeling, please share.

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4 months post Labrum surgery, and the doc says it healed perfectly.  He can start throwing, hitting, golfing, increase his lifting routines and play racket sports.  Just has to build up over the next few weeks, start at 50% and do a little more each day.

We decided on LF, so if you are watching the Yanks tonight, I will be the one in LF in the Yankee hat.  Go Judge.  You are watching what James will be in 5-7 years.

58A3F78B-FB62-4434-A462-B86BC286A0EC1B0DCA53-B44E-4A43-82E8-2DD5C9F6C777@Gunner Mack husband had labrum surgery after his sophomore year in college (he played baseball—pitcher and FB—and basketball in HS before settling on basketball in college). So glad to hear your son is doing well!

Husband grew up in NY so he and all our kids are Yankee fans. (Almost) 17 year old James got to meet Judge three years ago before his junior year in HS. It was Sabathia’s last game and FWIW Judge went big fly to RF that game. 😂


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The wait is over!

Wouldn't you know I missed it!  I had the misfortune of being in Sarasota for my Dad (he's in bad shape and in hospital but not life-threatening), and Hurricane Ian took out the power at 9:30 am yesterday.  I just walked out of his neighborhood, and my sister took me to Bradenton, where she has full power.  I feel bad for the people in Fort Myers (Sanibel / Captiva) etc.   Brutal for them.  Sarasota was looking like a direct hit for a while.  I hope you are safe, I think you are further south and east. 

Gunner! What a terrible time to be in southwest Florida! 

I am across the state in Broward County. We are fine. Rain and wind. No damage.

Our very good friend is in Bradenton, no power, flooding.  Heard from Iowamom, her son (just drafted with the Rays) got out Monday. Dave's BF from Clemson, folks live in Ft Myers lost everything, but they will be fine. A few others we know we are waiting to hear from, but they left the area.

Stay safe!

O.k., so I'll admit that I wasn't paying close attention to this.  61 ties Maris in the American League.  Bonds, Sosa, and McGwire were all in the National League and in the steroid era.  But seems kind of cheesy to keep saying that Judge has tied the AL record, instead of saying he has tied the last "clean" HR record.

During WWII soldiers discovered "bennies" could keep you going and going. Baseball players returning from war discovered bennies helped players get through the long seasons. Players said bennies were on tables in clubhouses like candy dishes. Wouldn't the post WWII use of bennies be considered PEDs? They weren't banned until 2005.

Did Boston’s favorite slugger (Williams) bring meth to baseball?

Mays’ locker was source of amphetamines

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