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Just getting back from our first ACC tourney, just a few things I picked up that I would like to share.
The tournament is too long and I am glad to hear that next year they will change the format. With so many teams hoping to make the regionals, I can't imagine how Coaches can figure out how to play so many games in so many days (if needed) and not be concerned about their bullpen for next weekend.
Wake Forest, I give them lots of credit, they did very well considering they did not place well in the final standings.
NC State lost to the Tigers and had to head for home, but they also did a fine job.
GT, one word to describe them...BIG. What do those guys eat? They are HUGE, but then again I am only 5'2". I found "little" Bee and he told me big Bee was not coming. They put FSU away for the final game, many, many FSU fans in attendance as I have found out that this tourney is very political and FSU usually gets what they want (close to home). Fan supposrt didn't work in the end.
North Carolina, got to see Little Prepster pitch. TPM's son was most impressed with his stuff, he hung in there, and as a pitcher's parent I know how it goes when the loss is a tough one.
Miami, don't know why they bothered to show up physically, because mentally they were not there. Their 5 game losing streak and long time away from home made them weary, it was showing. They look like the worst conditioned team there. Miami, welcome to the ACC!
FSU, came with an attitude, we can win it all (oops). While watching the North Carolina game I witnessed something I have not seen since little league. FSU players were out of control in the dugout, they weren't even winning. Players shirts unbuttoned, rally caps sticking straight up in the air, pitchers wearing batters helmets backwards, dancing, not paying any attention to the game. Coach completely oblivious to what was going on. No wonder Tech creamed them in the end. This whole scenerio was noticed by FSU parents and scouts as well, I don't think anyone close to the dug out was too happy with the dug out performance. Don't be upset if you haven't gotten a recruiting letter, but that is JMO.
Virginia, ranked #7 in the ACC, the hot team of the tourney, proving pitching does get the job done, however I am wondering how far they will get today against Tech with their hitting, an area that needs improvement. Coach has done a great job with their program and they made a statement. They also have the smallest players, who can get the job done. I was impressed.
Tigers, ahhh I will try to be unbiased. Tigers shocked everyone by not beating Virginia in the first game. Little did everyone know that they would be beaten again. The win against Miami was sweet, four in a row, but the Tigers were beginning to look like they had enough by the end of the NC State game. They had worked so hard to get to the #2 seed and to be awarded a regional, I think that was what was really on their minds in the end. I think since they had been there since saturday, they were glad to get on the bus to get home. Though they were a heavy crowd favorite to get to the championship, they took their defeat well and so did the fans. We were congratulated by so many other fans it was amazing and wished lots of good luck for next week.
All in all, an interesting week, got to meet lots of friends haven't seen in a long time and meet new friends and new fans of the Tiger program. I have to admit though, as disgusting as orange and purple can be together, those Tiger unis are the best!
I have left some teams out as they were gone before I got into town.
One more thing, it was very HOT, even for a Floridian!
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TPM-Thanks for the summary. Very interesting about Florida State and the players' actions.

Just a note to you about the recruiting of FSU and UF from a previous thread. In the Orlando Sentinel today a quote from Ole Miss pitcher, Tommy Baumgardner, from Lakeland,Florida:

"UF never talked to me in high school or junior college. To come up here and put it on them is great, that school is like and hour and a half from my house."

Hard to believe that 2 major schools in Florida have a hard time just sending out letters to the top college prospects in the state. Just to let them know they are "interested" even though they may not be at the top of their recruiting list. I now know of three pitchers this year that have beaten the Gators and probably put a little more "steam" on the ball when they played against them. (Not that anyone needs ANOTHER reason to be pumped when playing them) Wink

BTW, Agree that Virginia has done a great job in the ACC Tourn and as I sit here right now the VA. pitcher has put down the first 6 batters for GT. Brian O'Connor is a first class coach and VA will be in the College WS soon enough.

Congrats on the fine job your son did in relief yesterday!
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TPM...I was just a little confused by the nature of your original post. You seemed to state it as a negative that one team showed up with an attitude that they "could win it all"...then promptly seemed to chastise another for not being there mentally. noidea Which should it be, or am I misreading your intent? You conclude by indicating that your own kids might have been glad to be leaving early. Confused Is the ACC tourney not viewed by others as I view it...a top notch showcase where your best should be "in attendance"? Almost seemed like some slight angst towards Florida in general. Wink apologies about the "defensive" posture of my post (FSU grad Razz). I enjoy the content of your postings on this site...just read the "tips for freshmen" thread (good stuff). I am participating and observing from the perspective of a parent of a "just-finished-9th grade-year" high school player.
wormWe have been injecting the "hustle at all times" and "every moment counts" mentality as he advances in his high school program. I have seen and read where the journey is so fast, and perspectives change...but the content of your post re: the player/parent mentality being possibly not as "focused" caught me a little by surprise and intrigued me. Is this even prevalent in college (I have heard that minor leagues are "turned off" by the hustle at all times guys)?...Contributing factors possibly longer schedules, travel, etc. A little more in depth observations from you about "attitude/perception" changes would be helpful. Again, sorry about the accusatory tone of my original post. Frown Thanks! Smile
Daddy Bo,
Thanks for your response.
The philosophy that you are injecting is a good one, but do know that only the player is the one who will ultimately, in the end, end up where he wants.
I am sorry that you misunderstood. My post was my observation, my first one for the ACC tourney, this is my first year as a college baseball parent. I was in no way putting down the Noles, just telling you what I and others saw. I was quite shocked, as my son's team is run like a business, no hanky panky in the dug out, EVER. It was not what I expected to see from a powerhouse baseball program. But coaching styles are different. To me, the huge loss they took to Tech showed me maybe they were not serious about the tournament, JMO.
As far as Miami, one player told one of the Tigers, we just want to get this over with and go home.
Tournaments, the way I see it, are not necessarily "will the BEST team win", but maybe the most focused, the most determined. In this case, I see Virginia, although they lost to Tech, come out the winner of the tourney.
Understand that this tourney comes at the end of a very long season for some teams (60-70) games. Some teams are on a roll, some as not as hot as they were when they began. College World Series is on their minds. Each game is a step toward making their goal, for example Virginia, some sit on the bubble, some KNOW they are just going to be in it, so maybe the enthusiasm is not there. That was something that I observed.
For the Tigers, I had seen them take losses much worse than the second loss to Virginia. However, for them they had worked so hard to get #2 seed in the ACC and host site, a huge accomplishment. Their season is not over, just beginning the next step on their quest for Omaha.
You will see a lack of enthusiasm at times. Maybe after a loss, maybe after having to sit one out. It's how your son handles that rebound that makes the difference. That is the best lesson you can teach him.

(I have heard that minor leagues are "turned off" by the hustle at all times guys)?...

Not quite sure what you mean here ... do you mean the MLB organization when you say "minor leagues" or do you mean the individual players?

While sitting at a spring training scrimmage in March, we observed three of the coaches of our son's squad discussing the hustle and/or lack thereof of some of the players. These 3 coaches ... all of whom had played pro ball, including time in the majors ... were in a quandry as to why players, who are vying for a position and a future in pro ball, would NOT hustle, would NOT be focused even in a spring training scrimmage. I personally believe that hustle is one of those "intangibles" ... part of the work ethic ... that management actually looks for in players, especially those who are not normally on the "top prospect" list. These players are all trying to beat someone else out of a position, and it only gets tougher as they move up.
Last edited by FutureBack.Mom reference re: hustle came from my recent reading (can't remember exactly where Roll Eyes) where a player was comparing college ball life to minor league life (adjustments, attitude, etc.). I believe he was referring to players, not that "going all out" (my words) was not as appreciated in practice, but was in games. I'm with both you guys, uhhh ladies Razz, on this one. My kid is not the extremely noticeable "impact" he has to do, and does Smile, the other attributes of a player well (hustle, respect, teachability, consistency...). Thanks for your detailed insight. Smile

Oh btw TPM, Clemson is on my "Top 10" list for hopeful choices...behind FSU of course (you know, Bright Futures, alma mater, close to home Wink)...unless we don't get "shown the love". Big Grin
Daddy Bo,
Everyone HAS to hustle, HS, college, minors, it's a requirement for getting noticed. Part of thr job. Big Grin
All prospects (college, pro) need to know that their behvior in the dug out, on the field, after a game is noted and may affect their future.
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The ACC Tournament Officials and Administrators have thought best to have an 8 team event (out of 12 teams) in 2006.

It appears as though the ACC Tourney, an amateur baseball tournament, will not appreciate the underdog team any time soon.

This is a diservice to all underdogs.

However, the ACC Admins believed last year seven teams would be selected into the 2005 NCAA Regionals, and were correct.
Tiger Paw Mom. While I often admire your posts and generally agree with your take on things, I must ask what the tigers do when trying to promote a "Rally"?

Exactly what difference does the position (direction) of ones "Rally Cap" have?.... and that was a very close bunch of guy's having a good time. If they have a rally on thier mind and dancing (really play acting) seems to had many times this year, what's wrong with that? Shirts un-buttoned-in the dug out, how dare they? We will try and make sure no batting helmut's get worn backward ever again, heaven forbid!

The only thing you mentioned that would warrant any real attention would be thier lack of same.
I would have to say what you saw was "fun". We have that element in our program and it works...maybe the tiger's should try it when they lost 2 of 3 to a bunch of fun seeker's!

Oh yeah, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...those uni's look like softball tog's to me. Finally, if you really are bothered by player's having a good time, try Tech's acrobatic "over the railing routine" next time your tiger's visit the bees.
Read again carefully my post. While my post was my perspective, you will see I posted we were sitting with FSU parents (and scouts) and what was going on in the dugout was not only witnessed by us. Actually, folks in that section didn't look too pleased. Doesn't make it right or wrong, just was an observation. I personally haven't seen anything like it since LL. I won't even get into what was mentioned by the scout observing one of the players.
I can only suggest you come to Clemson next year when FSU plays, maybe you can get idea of the Tigers yourself and draw your own conclusions.
By the way I have pm'd you twice as I had gotten a set of cards while at the game at FSU asking if you wanted them.
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Tiger Paw Mom, I returned both emails but now that I think of it, we had a server problem which skewed messages and also lost them. The cards would be greatly appreciated and I thank you now, officially, for the 1st time, it is very thoughtful of you.

With regard to any activity that would in any way embarass the storied program that is FSU, I can tell you that I saw nothing in that regard in the 41 games I witnessed. They are a happy, friendly group of young fellows though, (24 freshman and sophomores) and I can tell you that as recently as last week Coach Martin was quoted as saying that "this group is the best group I've had". That is high praise from an all time great coach. He wants his player's loose and I assure you he knows what is going on every second of every game, on the bench and on the field. I've meant my share of "business like coaches" with little or no personality (self important scouts as well) and Ill take 11 over those up tight types EVERY time. If you can't have real honest to goodness fun playing ball then why bother? It's a hard enough game without the Madison avenue approach.

The LL crack is another statement that gives your obvious anti-Nole feelings reaction to more than a few of your recent posts. Don't get me wrong now, 99% of the time I love what you have to say, but if I spoke of Clemson the way you have about my get the idea!
You can say whatever you wish about Clemson, trust me there have been plenty of negative comments over the years made here, so I don't get the idea. Clemson has a great program, I don't necessarily agree 100% with everything that goes on, if someone has something to say, that's their opinion, what I posted was mine.
In case you didn't read my post from above...
Again, as my son said, every coach has their own style. Fooling around in the dugout during a game, any game that is going on is tabu where my son plays, and I would suspect at most programs. Doesn't mean that they are not having fun, just a time and a place. I am just telling you what was observed, not only by us, but by others. For us it was out of the ordinary, I have never seen that, maybe it is not the norm for the team. Ask any recruiting college coach or scout how important it is when observing the player in the dugout, before, during and after a game. And do know that as a potential prospect, everything a player says or does will be scrutinized during their years at college, behavior in the dugout included.
I don't know much about the program other than their recruiting. I am not being negative about their recruiting program, it is what it is, and again, go back and read the other comments from FL residents (read teh one above written by Moc). It is a beautiful campus, beautiful facility, and has talented players. As an observer, you tell me how surprised you would be seeing the players act like LLgers (not a crack but what I perceived it as being)from one of the highest ranked programs in the country? Somewhere there has to be some sort of humility shown, from the best or to the worst baseball programs. All I know is that I see the opposing pitcher trying to pitch the game of his life, by keeping in the game, and then I see a party going on in the dugout (game was tied by the way). For me, shows little respect for the entire game and I would say that if it were any team, including the Tigers. I am not trying to tarnish the FSU reputation.
While at FSU, I found the FSU fans to be polite and very supportive of our team's efforts. They also were very impressed by our youngsters, and how well they conducted themselves on and off the field, considering there were thousands of Nole fans and just a handful of Clemson fans in the crowd.
I have made friends with many ACC parents on this board. Our kids played against each other. We also do our share of complaining to each other about the programs that our kids play in, coaches, other players, etc. Doesn't matter who took the best out of three, all three, etc, in fact we actually feel badly when one team has to lose. The one thing that we do, on this board, is give each other's kids kudos and praises. So much for the "crack" about losing 2 out of 3 to a bunch of fun seeker's. If I said anything personally against your son, I deserve a whipping, but I have never, in fact, I made mention of his first game months back.
And if you do not like the Tigers uniforms, that's ok, because it is your opinion, I can live with that without taking it personally.

Sometimes we have to take off our rose colored glasses and listen to what others have to say. I think that you are taking this just a little too personally and I am sorry to those who think I keep saying the same thing over and over, I am done now.

TPM is not the one who has to give a Noles cheer for hard feelings, but I appreciate the suggestion!
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