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OK, I think that I've done everything that I was supposed to do right down the list on the recruiting timeline. Grades could be a bit better - 1000 SAT (first try) and 2.8 at a college prep school.

Sent out letters of intro. and video when asked.

I've had a very successful h.s. career (with one year to go)in a great baseball area.

I was a starter this past summer with a high profile travel team from So. Fl. that played all over and played well, both defensively and offensively.

I've received a couple calls and actually really like the one. I made an "unofficial" visit at their suggestion. I've called them back and sent another e-mail today. But that's it so far, is this it?

I don't play alot during the fall and usually pick up in the middle of November. So, I'm getting concerned about this whole thing. I've had a couple friends that were pitchers that already verbally committed.

I can play out of state, as long as it's not one of those real expensive private schools and its not somewhere in the Northwest. But, I'm really surprised that I haven't had more attention, I'm starting to worry about this already.

Am I getting worried way to soon? Or should I keep searching and sending out my stuff, even though there isn't much chance that a school will see me play between now and Christmas?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank.
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TexasHoldEm -
YES. Smile All the experts here will say DON'T WORRY, it's way too early for that. Sounds like you are doing great by following the recruiting tips! Congratulations! But, remember, the recruiting timeline is not a one-shot deal but a process, so keep at it. Continue to contact a wide range of colleges. Make sure you provide them with several coaching contacts who they can call to verify your skills. I also suggest either taking a SAT prep course now and/or studying a good SAT prep book, then retake the test in the Fall. Do your best to maintain or improve on grades during your senior year. And, if you have an opportunity to showcase or play in the fall & winter, do so. Otherwise, just keep training to be in great shape for the spring season. As our CA governor likes to say: ACTION, ACTION .... worrying is really not very productive. I hope this helps a little. Good Luck with your recruiting. Smile

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