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Have you been watching?  Hollywood week is all set.  212 +/- singers.  Way too early to talk about them.  Have seen a lot of good talent and not too many freaks so far.


The judges are fun.  Keith Urban is a little too girly but seems good.  J-Lo is good and I love Harry Connick Jr.  He's a tremendous musician, he's very funny...they just need to get his wife a few cameos!

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Originally Posted by TPM:

Ok, your next American idol is.... uh don't know his name, the cute HS kid with the pretty face.

Mark my words!

Lots of good talent, like the changes, and the judges are doing a really good job. 

No he bit the dust tonight. Not much real talent, just young kids who need time to develop-like baseball. my favs Dexter-farmer/country singer, and nerdy shy kid-Alex. He has real talent, not just a singer. Connick is very knowledgeable and tells it like it is. Also got on young 18 yr old for singing song too mature for her.

It looks to me like the guys are a stronger group than the gals. Also looks like the judges are focusing on talent. Harry is great.


I don't know any of the names, and don't have a favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing how much they improve over the course of the show. They were all pretty raw through last week's shows.

Scotty Mc is doing well in the country music world. Some of the others who have done well didn't win, like Jennifer Hudson. For the most part I can't remember who won, which I guess says something.


I'm an Idol fan and like the judges, but feel like the producers aren't putting on good performances. This week's show felt more like a talent show. Maybe the singers aren't capable of performing, but some of these folks are professionals.


I'll watch until the end, but I hope it picks up.

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