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@Consultant posted:


why not '18' and under or '19' and under?

The games will improve your quickness and reflex action.


Ditto, in my opinion, even if playing time may be reduced, playing up with bigger stronger better teammates is what makes you better.  It's not about the competition you play, it's about the peer level you practice with that has the greatest impact on your development.

Just want to note that in many areas, the kids who play 18U are the ones who are not going to play in college, more of just a last summer of ball.  So it's not necessarily the case that it will be better baseball.

On the other hand, some baseball is better than none.  OP said in a different thread that he would have to play 18U, so I don't want him to think that it's necessarily a bad idea.  It will have pluses and minuses, for sure.

What are you trying to accomplish playing travel ball? Are you looking for college exposure? Are you looking to improve your game? 17u teams are usually full of high school varsity playing, college prospect players gaining exposure and offers. You didn’t make the high school team. You don’t have a sales pitch to promote. I would recommend playing where you can play, gaining experience and skill.

Get bigger, faster, stronger and more skilled. Make varsity next year. Impress the coach. Use him for local JuCo connections (assuming he has any).

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