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My son is a rising junior at a Maryland private (MIAA - division A) school and played on varsity this past year as a sophomore.

He is going to tryouts for some fall showcase teams (we are getting a late start) and will tryout for a fall Legion team as well.

In the meantime we are looking for August/Fall showcases on the east coast. However I hear they can be cattle calls (we did the one in Baltimore last summer and it was a waste of time).

Others seem to limit the number of players registering (marketing tool?).
Does anyone know of any well attended, focused August/Fall showcases on the east coast?

Any help would be appreciated

(He is a SS/OF who hits typically .400, steals very successfully, and had an era below 2.00 over 30 innings (although he is not seeking to be a pitcher). )
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I would try targeting some schools that your son may be interested in and see if they have a camp this fall.

The Clemson Camp in December is AWESOME! There are a ton of kids there, but that means a ton of coaches to work them out. My son attended last year and I believe I counted 23 additonal schools present other than Clemson. We got some pretty good contacts from it. Also your son will get REPS like no other. They kids never stop moving while the camp is going on.

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