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6'1" 175 lb. son will be doing a Plyoball routine (up to 2 lbs) in our garage this winter, and we are looking for a net to throw into that is more robust and has less play in it than our old Bownet. Something in between a rebounder, and the Bownet type that has the deep pocket.   He will be using sand bags to anchor the feet.

Appreciate any info.

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I built a plyowall for the plyo balls and installed a net on a cable for weighted leather balls.  Not sure any net is going to hold up to a big kid throwing 2lb plyos for very long. 

The plyo wall is mobile (on casters) and nest into his weight rack for stability.  I built it from lumber steeply discounted in the discount bin at Home Depot.  The net is 14x12 purchased from eBay.  Spent less than $100 on each set up.

Shoot me a PM and I can text you a video of the set up.

My son nailed a couple of yoga mats onto our barn wall for plyoballs.  Has worked for over a year, but it is more for drills, not truly throwing.  For throwing, he uses a regular net with 25lb weights to anchor and we've had to use tape along the bottom edge in a few spots but it gets use from multiple kids twice a week.  Bownet has several options.

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After humming and hawing over a bunch of online netting, pads, and gizmos to stick in my garage, I ended up doing about the most low cost thing you can think of, and it works great. Two eye hooks in the ceiling, attached a rope between the two, and draped a heavy duty old moving blanket I had around over the rope. Completely deadens the sound, no vibration, when using baseballs. Good for plyo balls, but for that I concocted a soft foam/ 3/4" plywood/soft foam/ 1 1/2" puzzlemat sandwich that I attached to the wall just behind the moving blanket. Plyoballs return better, and 57 jr, can practice ground balls with a baseball. Not the best, but keeps his hands in shape.

    Because of the long winters up in MN, we are at a huge disadvantage at the best of times for getting in baseball training. With the gyms closed it's even worse.

   Next thing up is to build a pitching mound.

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