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My son took 6 hours online and it worked out fine.. Have your son contact his academic advisor. In order for my son to elevate his GPA he had to stay with his current college's online or on campus programs. He could have gone to another college and gotten additional credit hours but the GPA would not transfer.
Tiger Paw Mom...Son thought that he was not going to get at least the required "B" in one of his major courses last Spring so he went ahead and enrolled with a local college in NC this past summer just in case. He did get the "B" but he had already gone through the entire process since by the time grades would have come out it would have been too late to enroll.

You must first get permission from the Dean of your particular major to take a course at another college that is comparable to the course at your college. If the Dean agrees then he/she will sign a "transient student form" (I forget the real name of the form) and that form is sent to the summer college which will, at the end of the course, send your son's grade back to his permanent college to be credited to him and added to his college transcript.

After the form is signed by the dean, then your son must enroll as a "transient" student with the summer college. This should be done as soon as possible. There are summer deadlines and summer sessions fill up fast. Some sessions start as early as late May or early June. The school in NC had three different summer sessions back to back.

Summer courses work well for baseball players because there are early in the day courses that will allow a player to have an afternoon job and still have time for practice and games at night. Since summer sessions are usually everyday and so condensed, one requirement was that he could not miss a class unless for emergencies.

There is also the option of online courses which is much more work than it appears on the surface. Phoenix College/University is a very popular online school. But I would take an online course only as a last resort.

Good luck to your son.
A couple of additional thoughts:

1. Some schools prohibit other universities' grades from transferring over, requiring that the credit be recorded as either "Pass" or "Fail." Obviously, that's unsatisfactory if David's looking to boost his GPA in addition to receiving the credit. In that case, he might have to take one of Clemson's online courses, which would carry a grade with it.

2. If he takes a course, he should consider not taking the summer job that his Cape team offers, applying the morning hours to the course. With a number of teams playing 4PM games, the afternoons tend to get pretty "shot" except for anything other than baseball.

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