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So,When you fill out the players profile for the Area Code invite, does it get sent to each tryout? Are there 3 tryouts per year? One in Cali,one in Arizona and one in Vegas? Where do they list when the tryouts will be other than the ESPN Rise site? Does anyone know more of the Area Code process? Which one is first,second and third.My son went to one in Arizona. Can't remember what mth. All I know is I filled out the player profile and got an invite. That tryout got him lots of recognition.PG can you help on this one? Thanks
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In 1987, I created the Area Code games.

We use wood bats in 1987 and the MLB pro scouts selected the players and we never charged the players for the tryout or the games. The players were uniformed in ML uniforms and coached by pro scouts.

When I sold to Student Sports in 2004, I insisted on the same format. They do have a pre-tryout where they charge a fee.

Each tryout across the USA draws 60 to 100 college coaches and pro scouts. My focus now is the International events in China and Australia.

Yesterday, our four teams returned from a 40 game 2 week trip to the land "down under". Several players will be drafted in the "upper" rounds and 75% will receive college scholarships. When a player plays
10 games in 14 days, we know his ability to play on the next level. We traveled with 4 pro scouts, each a great teacher.

My suggestion is to have a pro scout recommend you to an AC team.
Best wishes;

Bob Williams

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