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Just got home from watching a great game between Heights and Denton Ryan. Heights won the game 7-5.Hard fought game til the final out.
Although a great game atmosphere was not witnessed by this fan. From the get-go the Fans of the Heights were rude,crude and vulgar to their opponents. The belittling and cursed names of the Ryan players got way out of hand and the embarrassing part was that NOT 1 parent,official,coach or police officer(which were 3) made a gesture to stop it. In fact,a call that was not to their(the Heights) liking had the announcers contributing by playing the "Cotton Eye Joe" with out bleeping out the curse words while the crowd yelled those curse words out.
With this said, I would like to have just 1 person from Heights try to defend this behavior. Their behavior was classless and degrading and has no place in High School Baseball.
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Go Heights! Big win who pitched for heights? In regard to the bad crowd i do not like some of the cursing that goes on but yelling at players and trying to get under the skin is just part of the game. As a college baseball player it is much worse than anything i ever experienced in Hs. So players just need to learn to look past it and not let it bother them. If i were a parent i would not try to sit in the student section iknow some parents do that and yes there will be things you done want to hear. I do not encourage bad lanuage but i do however think creative criticism is fun and just part of the game. As a player who has been ragged on its kinda funnny what people will say. and even if people get out of hand and say rude things it almost motivates me more to show them up and prove them wrong. Bad lanuage i do not like but a loud crowd and good home field advantage i love.

I was not at the game. I cannot corroborate any of your statements. I am, however, sympathetic to your concerns. If the behavior you witnessed is even half as bad as you describe, then this is another example of the decaying social and moral behavior of our society.

Unfortunately, you have selected the wrong forum to air your grievance. Nothing will change at our high schools by posting complaints here targeted at the parents of the students involved. If you want to effect change you must write a letter to the principals of both schools involved, and send copies to the school district superintendents.

I witnessed similar behavior at one of the LISD HS baseball games 7 or 8 years ago. My son's team was the visiting team. I was so disgusted by the home team behavior, the complete disrespect and lack of sportsmanship displayed by the home team, its fans, and the press box 'sound man' that I wrote a letter to the school principals, LISD administration, and the metro section of the DMN. I even think KTCK picked the story up on sports talk radio after reading the DMN.

I received letters from LISD administration announcing updated policies with regard to music policies (no rap or rock tunes littered with curse words - we heard F-bombs that night over the PA system), and policies were implemented to make announcements to everyone in attendance at sporting events that sportsmanship and good manners is expected from everyone on & off the field. (PA announcement is generally worthless , but well intentioned). I later followed up with our booster club to see if the LISD admin had actually followed through on their announced changes. When I learned that our booster club had not been informed of policy changes after 2 weeks, I followed up with LISD to find out why.

Complaining here will make you feel better. Taking action that can make an impact to improve the community you live in is a far greater purpose.
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