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Had an interesting experience with a Region Semi-final game in El Paso several years ago. Be happy you are playing in Midland. Our team flipped and lost and played all 3 games at the El Paso home field. The crowd was the biggest H.S. crowd I've ever seen and they were loud and rowdy. One kid threw full cans of pop on to the field when he was unhappy with the umpiring. A critical question is who is umpiring behind the plate? In our series, an El Paso ump was behind home plate for 2 of the 3 games that El Paso was "home". The games were drastically different than when the imported non-West Texas ump was behind home plate.
Originally posted by Panther Dad:
And if you can't beat a team that performs softball chants.....well....that's like losing to a team that sports red pants. Cool

Well I have witnessed several Metro area HS teams that perform chants. Most are from the East or West side of the Metro. The key to the El Paso Socorro team is their chants are in Spanish! No kidding!
The "Fireball" is correct about the Socorro crowd. They will be loud and festive. Their fans will go toe-to-toe with anyone. We played them in 2004 at the same field. Be ready for some very hostile but passoniate fans. There was as much action between the fans as there were plays on the field. Do yourself a favor and gets lots of noise makers. We had to search both Midland and Odessa to round up enough to supress the Socorro fans.

Your kids will not be able to translate this Spanish...some "R" rated but the rest is jargon which is not taught in any school.

In the end though win or lose, they will be the first to congratulate.
Martin only had 4 hits and their #7 batter had 2 of those. It was a tough game for both pitchers as the ump was a little off today if you know what I mean. Roll Eyes Martin should have beat this team in 2 but now have their hands full having to win 2 tomorrow.

Also a very small crowd today and the Martin crowd was louder. Big Grin
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