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Son in catcher that has played ball all Spring and Summer. As High School starting up he will do less, but in Fall he will still go to a few tryouts, play once a week, and maybe play a couple of tournaments. Is it best to rest arm the whole week when off, or should he still be doing some throwing during the week? Logically it would seem that rest would be good, but I have heard you need to keep doing some throwing to prevent injuries. What say the experts?
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Interesting timing for this question...
On the site, over the last few days, there are several related posts. There is some ASMI info with experts calling for taking at least 3 months off some time during the year. There's an interesting piece on Trevor Bauer and how hard and frequently he works and throws. There's last Sunday's HSBBW radio blog with esteemed coach Fred Corral saying he thinks you need to keep throwing. There are several references to pro's and con's of long toss. And, as I type, I'm listening to LL regional playoffs where a kid from Alabama went down in a heap after throwing a pitch.
Many experts are stating with conviction opposite theories. So, good luck getting a solid and consistent answer on this.
My non-expert advice - if he must continue playing during this "off-season", have him throw once mid-week. This allows at least a degree of rest that he would not otherwise get and will provide some degree of maintenance for the in-season arm strenght he has built up.
If you rest.... then rest completely. 2-3 months out of the year players need to rest their arm.

If you are not resting.... then have a complete throwing routine.

His arm should want to throw. Very simple, have him throw atleast 15 min for 5 days a week. If he wants to throw more.... do it.

Throwing less during the week will not help the arm, it will hurt it.

The number one reason that players have arm injuries is because they do not throw enough on a regular basis.

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