Headed up in early June and wondered about reasonable places to stay and any must-see locations.

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We visit often to watch the Bulldogs play! Smile

After several tries at hotels, we've found the most reasonably priced, while offering clean and comfortable up-to-date rooms is Days Inn Biltmore EAST(not West). Don't let the name Biltmore fool you. It was only $75/night a few weekends ago.

Asheville is a really cool town. Go to Grove Park Inn (don't need to stay there to enter the Inn) and out to the balconies. You can see UNC campus nestled into the mountainside. Tour Biltmore Estates. Go to the most luxurious McDonalds in the world (piano, fireplace, granite) just outside the Biltmore. Walk up and down downtown area with lots of eclectic shops and restaurants. Our favorites are the Woolworth Walk (artisan goods in an old bldg) and General Mast Store (old time candy). Best places to eat (with kid's) for us have been Marco's Pizza, Asheville Pizza, Papa's & Beer (more Mexican than Bar) and East Village Grille(right near hotel).
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Thanks for the info! The Days Inn looks perfect.

I'm looking forward to walking around downtown and we're going to have to see the Grove Park Inn.

We've been to the Biltmore House a few years ago, but did not do anything else in Asheville so we're looking forward to the visit.
We were in Asheville for a couple days last summer passing through on our way to the Smokies...agree with the Biltmore and the Mast General Store recommendations above - also, a good place for lunch is Mamacita's Grill (nearby the general store) - a small place with limited seating and killer burritos (if you're into that sort of cuisine!). Enjoy your trip!

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