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I just watched some D-3 games this weekend between a well-respected (baseball-wise) D-3 program and a D-3 that's not likely to threaten for any titles anytime soon. At the established school, the righties looked to be low to mid 80's; they had a short lefty that had to be upper 80's, which made me wonder why he wasn't elsewhere, but there could be a zillion reasons for that. For the lesser program, the righties were lower 80's and they had a lefty that might have thrown 80 a few times at best, but was effective with soft stuff, breaking balls and pretty good control.
Originally posted by BigWI:
A local D3 school uses our HS field for their practices and games.

One last fall I offered to take our radar gun and gun their pitchers.

They had one senior who threw 85-86, no one else touched 80 with several of the pitchers being in the low 70's.

_Play every game as if it were your last_

That's amazing. My son plays on a AA school in Virginia and the coach had 6 kids clocked (Jugs) at over 80 MPH at a scrimmage last week. 87, 86, 83, 83, 82 & 81.


I likely know of most of those kids you mentioned, including your son, and ya'll do have an amazing abundance of young arms. I recall a few years ago speaking to someone up your way about the Deacons having a few kids, 16 and under, throwing low to mid-80's, and after playing them, the "propaganda" was entirely accurate. There's an awful lot of impressive talent in your neighborhood.

Yes Virginia, there IS baseball outside of the Beach!
I play for a respected D3 program. Actually we were #1 in the nation for the first few polls last year.

Our #1, a RHP throws about 85-87 and will hit 90.
Our #2, a LHP throws about 83-86 and will hit 88.
We have a freshman lefty in the pen that has been clocked at 90 quite a bit, but he's more of a thrower and hasn't developed into a pitcher yet.

Hope this helps.

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