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We had a H.S game today in CA. (CIF Southern Section Div 7) and the umpires pulled 4 of our bats from the game. These were the Baden axe handle bats. These bats are BBCOR and are NCAA,NFHS approved--they are even approved by MLB. The reason given was that the knob is not a normal round knob and is not NFHS approved. The blue was concerned that without a typical knob it would slip and someone would get hurt. I was emailed a letter by BADEN showing that the bat recieved NFHS approval but I can't seem to dowload it here. It's frustrating on the bats being pulled due to misinformation. How do I handle this in the future?
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Here are two emails I have received (and the approaite website)on AXE bats and a bat that is not allowed;

Please inform your Chapter membership.
The Baden AXE bat does meet our rule 1-3-2b1 * definition and requirement of the knob *. Therefore, this bat and all models in this range are legal.

As was mentioned at the interpretation meeting, NFHS is using the NCAA approved BBCOR.50 list. The list can be found at:

Please distribute to all chapter members.
Effectively immediately and until further notice, this bat * Marcucci CATS 33" length * should be considered a non-compliant bat and subject to NFHS Baseball Rules 4-1-3b and 7-4-1a.

This information was sent from the NFHS. This decertification only refers to the 33" model. All other Marcucci approved models remain certified as per the NCAA bat list.
Originally posted by POLOGREEN:
I saw some bats Monday with thumb placement guards " velcroed" to bat handle. this is an alteration so, they should be illegal

Are you saying the rule should be changed, or that your judgment is that these are illegal?

1-3-2(b)1 specifically allows attachments to the handle as long as they do not cause the handle to become flush with the knob.
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