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Mark Mccormack looked like seasoned pro today. Great to see a pitcher with that kind of stuff in college. I was rooting for Clemson and some of the kids I have seen and know, but the Baylor pitcher is a stud. Wow, St. Louis has a new starter as soon as he adds a change or splitter. Two years. Wow!
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Congrats also to TigerPawMom's son David Kopp for a very good relief appearance for Clemson in today's game. I would have liked to see a Clemson win, but was glad I got to see DK pitch on TV. Only a freshman and he looks so impressive, very strong, poised, changes speeds very well from upper 70s changeup to 90+ fastball. Congrats to Clemson on a strong season! applaude
TPMs son was very impressive himself. That is the first time I have seen him pitch. He is going to be a very good pitcher (already is) for Clemson over the next couple of years. The kid for Baylor is a stud. I also was pulling for Clemson. Thats the second time I have seen Baylor play on TV they are very good. It should be a great CWS.
Thank you all very much. Through all the ups and downs, DK had a great season and we were happy to see him end it with another appearance on TV.

Can't believe the season has ended, and what a season it was! They are disappointed, but in the end, Baylor was the better team, their pitching was awesome. Tigers had an unexpectedly great run, they should be proud for a team coming into the season unranked.

I enjoyed watching many of our websters sons play this year and will continue to do so in future years to come. Best of luck, again to those who will go pro this year.

For those of you whose sons will be freshman players next year,tell tehm to enjoy every moment, it is one of the most exciting times of their lives, and yours!

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