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Link to 15th Annual Bear Classic, 2005 HS Showcase for Our National Pastime, at the Univ of Maryland's, Shipley Field Friday Aug 26 thru Sund Aug 28.

[URL=[URL=]]Link to Bear Classic Press Release

Here's how I see it:

- The projected two best 06 arms in the State may show!

- A pure speed merchant (OF from NY HS) will be there!

- An unknown state HS arm (#3?), who been found in the bushes, is expected!

- A masher, with some serious juice, wants to get a few hacks in! And the RF porch may have his name on it one day, after it's all said and done! (And is already being compared to three, maybe four other local mashers who played around here........

- A high priority OF, with several NLI's in process, will be roaming the OF for the host team!

- An VA HS 2b, who can flat out turn it, will be at the Ship, early Fri, Sat & Sun!

- A potential SEC/ACC play right away potential NY HS catcher will be seen behind the dish!

- Don't know if a Stevey Garrison (LHP, drafted 05 & signed Brewers ) type, or a Ian Marshall (14th rnder) type will be on the bump.

- Yet some velo's may top 89-90 (for those on gun duty) in addition to a few quality 84-86 HS RHP with another pitch, or those soft 80-83 HS LHP w/ a off-speed out pitch!

- I also heard there's a LHP NY HS look alike (to the drop down lefty at Mt St Mary's (MD) who dealt his nasty frisbies in the Clark Griffith/Cal Ripken Sr League over the past two years!)

- Don't know what to expect from the College Recruiters this year! It seems they are getting at it earlier and earlier. Heck, I heard several top notch colleges are near done for 05-06, and are working on 07 HS kids!

- And how about those two local HS 08 kids, that have a pretty high upside. Both have played at Shipley within the last year, and are expected again!

- Which reminds me, the projectable and best 07 HS MD pitcher will not be in attendance at the 05 Bear Classic. So I asked him to come throw in the 2006 Bear Classic, just last week. (Gotta start earlier too!)
- I know Maryland Coaches will be there, and what there 'needs' are. Ditto on TU, and some of the rest of the MD-VA-DC colleges.

- The best part - it's not cost a kid on the host team(s) a nickel (and for the 15th straight year!).

- And for those that are interested, there will be a fall travel team tournament, in either Sept or Oct (or both) at Univ of Md this year. (emme for details, and will forward when known!


ps. I just got one of those 1:00 am phone calls.
My son has the ball, tonight, as he is throwing in the Championship game in Thunder Bay Canada!
Did Northwest go on Strike?
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Hats off to
- World Yacht Clippers
- Frozen Ropes
- Guy Randolph from PA
- Dave Bolyard
- Alex Brunet
- Bernie and Arundel HS
- Southern HS
- Southern District
- Univ of Maryland Coaches

for the 15th Annual Bear Classic held
at the Univ of Maryland Aug 26-28 2005.

For interested D1, D2, D3, JUCO, and NAIA coaches seeking information on individual 06's or 07's, please contact me at

It was delight to see MLB, several associates, and many of the local colleges attend the entire weekend (and thru the wet weather)


Thanks Coach M of WYC, NY

Prayers for safe harbors in MS, LA, & Ala, & TN.

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