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I am a big fan of the Mental Game and I am currently working on my Masters in Psychology with an emphasis on Sports and Performance.

What are the best books on about the Mental Game?

I have "Heads up Baseball" and it is a classic. When the book 1st came out it was my freshmen year in college and we worked with Ken Ravizza on a regular bases. Then I was fortunate enough to work with him again while I was a member of the Cal State Fullerton staff.

I just ordered "The Mental Game of Baseball", "The Mental Keys to Hitting" and "The Mental ABC's of Pitching".

I also just bought "The Inner Game of Tennis" which I have heard great things about. Although it says tennis, I know numerous baseball coaches (and other sports too) that have said it is a must read and relevant for all sports.

What other books have you read that you recommend?
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I agree with you, I had my son load Springer's CD on his iPOD, it's much easier than having him watch the DVD. We had seen Springer give the same exact talk at a USC camp a little over a year ago...good stuff.

I bought The Mental Game of Baseball last year. I skimmed through the book, and noted areas for KD to read. It's tough to get teenagers to sit down and read, especially after their regular studying is completed and they just spent 3-4 hours on the field and in the gym. Let me know what you think of The Mental Keys to Hitting? I may pick that book up too...I'm up for anything that helps!
While not explicitly a psychology book, Ted Williams's THE SCIENCE OF HITTING offers great insight into the psychology of hitters, pitchers, and baseball generally. If I were a pitcher, after reading this book and thinking about the fact that the greatest hitter of his generation, if not in history, thought that he was successful if he got a hit once in every three at-bats, I would conclude that I possessed a HUGE psychological edge on any hitter, even the best, and would figure out how I could use that advantage in every at-bat.
The ones you mentioned are great. Here are some more:

Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court by John Wooden and Steve Jamison
Mind Gym by Gary Mack
Winning Every Day by Lou Holtz
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella
How to Be Like Mike (Jordan) by Pat Williams
Any other book by or specifically about John Wooden, such as Wooden on Leadership by Wooden and Jamison
Mastering Your Inner Game by David Kauss
Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
With Winning in Mind by Lenny Bassham
Harvey's Books, you mentioned, except his last one called Coaching the Mental Game

Finally, I like to think this one does a good job of combining many of the benefits of the ones above:
Coaches Guide to Winning the Mental Game by Aaron Weintraub.

Feel free to PM me for more...

Best wishes for making today your masterpiece -- anyone reading this post is dedicated to learning.

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I have two additional selections for you. The first is "The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes" by Buddy Biancalana and Steve Yellin, a book almost exclusively about the mental approach to sports.

The second book is not scholastic in nature, but gives a great breakdown on the mental aspects of pitching used by Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina as they neared the end of their careers. It is by John Feinstein and it is titled, "Pitching on the Black".
I've read a lot of what has been mentioned above, they are all good. However, one I've read that hasn't been mentioned is The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey. I know, the title says tennis but the author has some great points that can be translated into baseball.

One of my frustrations with many mental books is the convoluted nature of writing. You have to have a Ph.D to get through it. This book is simple and VERY effective in give some strategies to be a better athlete. Well worth picking up.
I agree that "Heads Up Baseball" is a classic. Springer's original CD and his V2 the DVD is "awesome".

I highly recommend " Sixty Feet Six Inches " by Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson . You get both sides of the game, hitting and pitching. Back & forth on topics like "stuff", "velocity", etc. Two HOF players describe their feelings. They don't always disagree. They also cover preparation, what they ate, off-season approach, conditioning, etc. It's unique, funny and informative.

"Out of My League " by Dirk Hayhurst is a novel. But describes a 6 year minor leaguer's struggle to get to the show. It weaves a love story, family issues, dealing with coaches, primadona players,finding apartments, off season jobs, whether to play "jungle ball" or stay in they US. Hayhurst is a great story teller. MiLB players I've talked to have similar experiences. IF you just got drafted, or are planning to. You better read this book. Haven't read "Bullpen Gospels" his first book yet, but it's a NY Times best seller.

The next book I want to buy is "Impact Player" by Bobby Richardson (11 year NY Yankee, with 3 World Series records (most RBI's in WS game, Most in WS series, Most consecutive WS games played). Oh, and he was all-star game MVP. Mr. Richarson, drafted at 17. Coached at S.Carolina after the NY and played with the best. Admired by many.

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