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Who are the best Jr. college Coaches in Alabama based on the following criteria?
1. Have the ability to teach fundamentals as well as manage.
2. Have a genuine interest in developing the players both in baseball skills and as a person.
3. Enthusiastic about helping players get to the next level (4 year schools).
4. Approaches practices and games in a positive, non-belittling manner.
5. A good role model and mentor.

Any input will be greatly appreciated
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Choctaw, Bama and Al can provide you with much more insight into NW Shoals than I can. However, my son and I did spend a day there. Coach Langston is a very high energy coach. We observed him running a tournament, interacting with some of his players, helping players to complete their schedules and deal with a recruit's visit. His wife was running the gate at the tournament. (Don't underestimate what that means!) A very nice campus and field - well kept. He's a very polite and knowledgeable guy. He actually taught my son a pitch the day we visited! I would recommend to anyone that asks, that they check out the program/school. Well worth your time!
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