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I don't know how many games the DMN has been to but I think they do an excellent job covering high school baseball in the Metroplex. The rankings may leave us scratching our heads at times and the area leader statistics are behind (or incorrect) but I believe a big part of that is the coaches. The first thing I do on Wednesday and Saturday mornings this time of year is grab the DMN and turn to the high school baseball section.
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I'd argue with the D.Morn News staff on
their top 10, but only a little...

1,2,3- Here's the cream. Deep pitching,
very good athletes.

Flower Mound, Rockwall, S. Garland (no order)

4,5,6,7- Good Pitching, good athletes.

D.Ryan, S.L. Carroll, Mansfield, Keller (n.o.)

8,9,10 - A hoss at the top but how far will
they go in a series.

Lake Highlands, Allen, Rowlett


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