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Ok I got a question where even my umpire friend was unsure how to answer.

I am not sure if this if for everyone in the country but during our latest coaches rules clinic I noticed a flaw in the new blood rule.

The rule stats that if a player is bleeding they must come out of the game and can not return until the blood is no long evident. When this happens normal resubmission rules apply. (normal resubmission rule is that a starter may be come out of the game and then resubmitted to the game later. But if a sub comes out they are done for the day).

The flaw that I saw was what happens if a sub get blood on him. If he comes out of the game to get it fixed then he is out for good. Or is he considered a starter at that point and can be resubmitted.
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I want to expand on this question a little bit...

How much time will you typically give me to deal with an injury on the field before you expect the kid to come out? Whether we're talking blood or otherwise?

That's one thing that is different, in my experience, between baseball and other sports. Sports like football, basketball, etc once the game is stopped and I am called out, that player must come out. That's not the case in baseball. I had a supervisor (in the Frontier League) make the comment about there being no time limit in baseball to evaluate an injury, etc..

I try to work as fast as I can, but how long before you start pushing me to make a decision?
Our state interpreter said to use our own judgement on the length of time to fix the problem. He said if they want to change shirts with another teammate, that's fine. If they stick a T shirt on him, that's fine. I may be putting words in his mouth but I believe he said not to worry about a number.
As far as reentry is concerned, the rules are are the same no matter the reason for removal.
Originally posted by POLOGREEN:
MST Our State Interperter (NJ) said to have them put a number on.

I guess the thought not to use a number is no need to ruin a shirt, should be the only one with a T shirt and if you were to just change the uniform top the number would be wrong anyway.
I can't see putting a number on being a problem but I'm not making a major stink either.
I always give Michael S Taylor credit for this comment...."NFHS makes the rules, but it is up to me to interpret them..."

we all understand that the intent of the blood rule is to prevent transfer of any blood born illness..

as long as an injury is properly attended to and bandaged, I'll accomodate any jersey/shirt remedy that is practical...t-shirt, coach jersey, teammate jersey..whatever....I know what team he is on....

Baseball is not a timed game and I will take any reasonable amount of time I decide to allow the injury to be addressed and bandaged.
Originally posted by Jimmy03:
Originally posted by Bulldog 19:
but how long before you start pushing me to make a decision?

6 minutes, 19.5 seconds.

Big Grin

Here's the NCAA Rule - Which can be used as a guideline -
Rule 3-9, "A.R.: "In a situation where a player is bleeding, a decision to substitute for the player must be made within 10 minutes from the time the play is stopped. A substitute player must begin warming up immediately when the blood rule is in effect."
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