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Any thoughts on the Blue Chip Prospects showcase in Dec on LI?

It is a good list of colleges that fit my son's goals and includes many 'high academic' schools that have not yet seen him. (He plans to do Head First in august, but this might be a preliminary look by some top academic schools.) What makes it very appealing is that it is close enough to home to be easy to manage.

Yet the weekend is also time when 3 other target schools have on-campus or regional events that are school specific, that a coach has 'invited' him to. Those events are much further away... and to drive 7-9 hours in December for one school to get to know him better is a tough call to make, given junior year commitments and school work.

I guess I am looking for pros and cons about the Blue Chip Showcase, which could give broader exposure. Given that it is December, I think the off campus events (like Blue Chip) will be staffed by volunteer coaches without recruiting authority.

This gets very hard to decide! He has done a careful selection of showcases, and I realize that we have to balance priorities and make judgement calls but I am hoping for objective info about the specific Blue Chip. His team did a Blue Chip tourny this summer, and we were not impressed, so I have some reservations about the showcase, but they might be unfounded.

Thanks, as always, for the insights from the HSBBW.
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One thing to consider is how much your son likes the school that has invited him. Is it a top choice school? If so, sure you can some up with an excuse about why you cannot attend an "invited" event, but it does send a message.

Another thing to consider is how limited an indoor showcase actually is, unless your son is a pitcher.

I checked the site at Blue Chip and when I click the listings of the schools coming, nothing comes up. Where did you get a list of the schools who are supposed to attend? Just a word of caution, many times some (but not all) showcases will put out lists, and they just happen to be schools invited, not confirmed to attend. You can try to check this on your own with the individual schools.

At the time my son was going through the recruiting process (2008-09), I was similarly unimpressed with the Blue Chip events being run in NJ. Things may have changed for the better over time...
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Hi Birdman and Hawks -

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I think the list of 'schools attending' came from the flyer that was sent.

We have looked at it and for a variety of reasons have decided to pass on it. (He is a pitcher, FYI, so the indoor format is great.)

He has signed up a few smaller indoor things that are more as a result of direct coach contact where we feel, at this point, there seems to be some mutual interest.... doing 2 in December then shutting down the hard throwing for a bit.

Love this HSBBW community --- great info!

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