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Time for an update on what's been going on at Driveline Baseball!

First, Kyle has been hired to work for an MLB organization to do scouting/player development work as well as a Division-I powerhouse in the Pac-12 to design throwing and training programs for all of their pitchers in conjunction with the pitching coach. This additional exposure for the Driveline Baseball athletes has been tremendous, as they will get to meet the big league pitching coach of the team in question and see the fact that Driveline Baseball's work is being heavily used at the MLB and Division-I level firsthand.

Secondly, a record number of professionals have been in to train with Kyle this off-season, including Trevor Bauer who hit new velocity records (up to 99 MPH on a scout's radar gun) after training with Kyle. Trevor was all the way down to 89-91 MPH while in AAA ball in 2013, and his previous best was 97 MPH prior to working out at Driveline Baseball - he sat 96-98 MPH during Spring Training in 2014. Ryan Buchter is another client of Kyle's, who used weighted baseballs in the 2012-2013 off-season to add significant velocity which led him to lead all of AAA in strikeout rate in 2013 and make the 25-man big league roster for the Atlanta Braves in 2014. We couldn't be more proud.

A bunch of professionals who were recently released from their clubs came in over the past month to train with Kyle and hope to re-enter the professional ranks. One of them said this:

As for the trip to Seattle, the distance traveled was immediately worth it within 10 minutes on site. I cant thank you enough for your "drive." I will sing your praises to any east coasters who are smart enough, driven enough to make the trip out west and I hope to see you again soon myself.

We also trained Jack McGeary (former 6th round pick), who hooked on with the Los Angeles Dodgers after being released from the Boston Red Sox and after training with Driveline Baseball. He spent all Spring Training getting out AA-AAA hitters and expects to move up quickly in the organization. Caleb Cotham (AAA, New York Yankees) trained remotely with Kyle and hopes to make his name known after being in big league training camp in 2014 with the Yankees. Caleb referred his former teammate at Vanderbilt, Casey Weathers (former 8th pick overall), who was recently released from pro ball and will be training this spring at Driveline Baseball alongside our clients.

Driveline Baseball is unique in that visitors from around the country come to Puyallup, WA to learn directly from Kyle, and professionals such as Trevor Bauer train right next to high school freshmen who are trying to make their C team. All of our pros are friendly and are expected to share their experiences with young athletes, and this is yet another strong benefit of our program. This off-season, we expect 20-30 pro pitchers to train in our facility, many of them big leaguers.


It's no secret that weighted baseballs make up a significant part of our training. There are a lot of rumors and false accusations of what they actually do, and instead of delving deep into the science of them (though I could talk for hours on this, seeing as we have EMG sensors and a full biomechanical video analysis lab on-site), I'll just tell you a few of the organizations that use them:

-Tampa Bay Rays
-Houston Astros
-St. Louis Cardinals

-Arkansas State (uses Driveline products)
-Oregon State (uses Driveline products and programming)
-Washington State
-Coastal Carolina (uses Driveline programming)
-UC Santa Barbara
-Florida International University
-Lee University
-Mount Mercy University (uses Driveline products and programming)
-Weatherford JC
-Chemeketa JC (uses Driveline products and programming)

I could go on, and on, and on, but that should be sufficient to prove that they are used at the highest levels - and that's just a partial list!

What we offer is truly unique - a semi-private membership program where you pay a flat fee and train as much as you want using cutting edge tools and instruction. No lessons - no expensive sessions. This program was designed for the athlete who wants to train above and beyond normal levels to achieve the best results possible. ... r-program/

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the HS pitchers we train in the area:
-Drew Rasmussen (Oregon State, top mound velocity of 93 MPH)
-Gage Burland (Gonzaga, top mound velocity of 92 MPH)
-Scotty Sunitsch (Washington State, top mound velocity of 90 MPH)
-Matt Mercer (Uncommitted 2015, top mound velocity of 93 MPH)
-Grant Townsend (Uncommitted 2015, top mound velocity of 89 MPH)
-Karter Cook (Uncommitted 2015, top mound velocity of 87 MPH)

And so many more: http://www.drivelinebaseball.c...thletes/high-school/

Some have accused us of training some on that list after they were already good. It's true that some of the athletes on the list were already high profile before finding us - and we aren't ashamed of that. These players who are already high profile college and pro prospects trust Driveline Baseball to further their development and keep them healthy. I don't see that as a negative, sorry!

Caleb Cotham said it best when he talked about training differently: "Do not fear what you do not know." Come on by our facility and simply observe a workout. We'll welcome you with open arms and let you see what we're really doing to accelerate the development of pitchers in the Pacific Northwest better than ANYONE else. What do you have to lose?
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