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Hi Coaches and Parents,
I'm the general manager of the 18U Irish Junior National Baseball Team. The team will compete at the European Championships in Italy for one week in July 2018. We are looking for a few players to complete the roster and we are always recruiting for future years.
Finding eligible players is not easy. It takes more than an Irish last name. In fact, we have several players who don't have Irish last names!
To be eligible for the team, a player must have a parent or grandparent who was born in Ireland. We are looking for players born in 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2003.
The tournament is July 9-15. The cost of the trip is $500 per player. 
Interested players can email me at IrelandBaseball [at] gmail [dot] com or fill out this form: IRISH BASEBALL FORM
I've also prepared a short statement that you can share with your players via email or social media. Any help is appreciated!
The Irish Junior National Baseball Team is searching for Irish-American baseball players, ages 15-18, to compete for Ireland in the European Baseball Championships in July 2018.
To be eligible for the team, a player must have at least one grandparent or parent who was born in Ireland.
For more information, visit
Thank you!
Best Regards,
John Fitzgerald
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