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Son received a college camp invite saying they enjoyed seeing him at the Area Code tryout last week and their staff would "love to have you attend to showcase your abilities" and it is a "great opportunity for our staff to interact with you on a personal level".

Is this anything more than the school tapping into another mailing list to increase camp attendance? Only checked with one other AC tryout attendee and they received the same email.


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No unsubscribe link. I'm not saying someone sat down and hand crafted an email to my kid, just more curious if they just blasted all the AC games tryout kids and won't have any idea who's who at the camp (just trying to raise some $$) or if they are actually interested in a more up close look at the AC tryout kids. Here is the actual text (email was received on Sat with camp tomorrow).

I wanted to send out a note inviting you to our 2024 Summer High School Showcase Camp next Tuesday, June 18, 2024. Registration for camp will be open until the end of the day on Monday.  Our staff would love to have you attend to showcase your abilities. I enjoyed watching you last week at the Area Code Baseball Tryouts and think this is a great opportunity for our staff to interact with you on a personal level, as well as see our beautiful campus. Our entire staff will be there evaluating you as well as other programs throughout the area.

That is a mass email that was sent to a mailing list that was obtained from Area Code game organization. Most likely it was purchased since A/C is now a for profit org. Coaches/scouts now pay $60 each to receive contact info on the tryout participants. But I digress. Schools using that list as a way to lure better players to their camps. A/C tryout list is a good one to recruit from.

Addition to Fenway's comment: Have son make the call, in case that was not obvious.

Also have practice sessions with your son and simulate calls with coaches and help him develop questions, like below. You can not expect a 17 YO who has not gone through this process to have these questions formed and they of course will be intimidated talking to a college coach. 

Who was at the AC tryout and what did they like about my performance.

Where am I ranked on your recruiting board.

I have a busy schedule and can only make it for part of your showcase, can I arrive at X time and leave at Y time and can you prorate the cost

How many on the current roster is currently at my position. Is there a Sr who will be graduating at my position.

There are others but this is a start.

Good Luck!

This gives the player information whether they are serious about a recruit and are willing to accommodate him or just looking for $$ for the event. I specifically had this come up with my son who was being recruited by two programs. He had another event/conflict and talked to the coach and they allowed him to come in and take BP, pitch a bullpen, and then leave. He was there maybe 3 hours and it was clear they were very interested in him, not as a camp revenue generation and wanted to get a better look at him. This happened twice and is a good way to determine if there is serious interest. As noted by many most of these events are for paying the salaries of the assistant coaches, but sometimes they are seriously interested in a recruit and it allows the full coaching staff to see a player.

As noted by Fenway a conversation will help give the player and parents a better understanding if there is genuine interest. 

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