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I know the feeling on camps is they are money makers for the school. Here’s our issue: let’s say son is considering 10 schools. His preferred recruitment would be this:

Schools watch him pitch, speak to AAU coach, have him call, meet him when he schedules an on campus tour, show him the facility. If he loves it at that point he’ll go to camp.

Schools tend to go like this: watch his video or watch him pitch, speak to AAU coach expressing interest, ask son to send along spring game schedule, invite him to a camp.

We can’t say yes to camp unless we know son has real interest in the program. That can’t be known until he sees the facilities. How do we get son to see the facilities from a recruits perspective? I guess really what I’m asking is how does son ask to see the facility without causing an issue with NCAA rules? Is he allowed to ask?

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If you haven't seen the facilities, how do you know they are in your top 10.  You can go online and see any D1 school in the nation's facilities.  Too many pictures and video out there.  He can go to any facility and watch a game and walk around campus.  They cannot take you on a tour unless you are on a visit or at a camp.  But for $400 you can see it virtually in a million different ways.  No reason to go to camp to see facilities.

I think it is more like this or it was with every school my sons received offers from.

See you pitch.  Talk to travel coach.  (again I don't understand this AAU stuff because that is northern thing.  Only basketball plays AAU in the south).  Tell coach to have son call at certain time.  Make offer.  Only 1 school we went on a visit and that an unofficial visit but we had already seen facilities.  No one made us come to a camp.  We went to see one school as an unofficial visit after the offer had been made but that was so we could get to see a basketball game that we would have never gotten tickets to.  Coach said I can get you tickets to the big basketball game but while you're here come see our facilities and watch a practice.  Not conditional but encouraged.

Middle son had never been to campus when he committed.  His first day at school was first time ever visiting campus other than going by the school store 2 weeks before school started when no one was there.  Only road around and saw the outsides and went into the store.

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