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Here is the thing my son plays catcher, and lately his speed has decreeasing a lot on his throws down to 2nd. base but, he said that he does not feel pain, he does mentioned that feel a kind of sorenes on his biceps.

Now "Dead Arm" most of the times happens for the pitchers but Im wonder if it could happens to the catchers too?

Any information or recommendations wold be appreciated.




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My son is also a catcher. I have noticed his pop time sag during the season from time to time. But I wouldn't say he has experienced dead arm.


What I would want to check is that he is stretching properly, specifically doing a good sleeper's stretch daily. In the past my son experienced GIRD, which resulted in a loss of range of motion, and velocity. In my son's case italso led to an injury.


You can search this site (or the internet) and find other references to GIRD.


Good luck!

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