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I know full well this is a high school board but lets take a look at some of the higher picks of late to come from Canada and make us proud!

Scott Thorman- 1st round ATL Braves 2000
Adam Loewen- 1st round BAL Orioles 2002
Jeff Francis- 1st round COL Rockies 2002
Joey Votto- 2nd round CIN Reds 2002
Justin Morneau- 3rd round MIN Twins 1999
Adam Stern- 3rd round ATL Braves 2001
Jamie Romak- 4th round ATL Braves 2003
Brooks McNiven- 4th round SF Giants 2003
Cory Stuart- 5th round NY Yankees 2003

I should also mention that they have been a handful of later picks which have signed for substantial bonuses (ie George Kottaras $300,000 as a D/F)

Alot of those players are on fast track to the Big Leagues, best of luck!!
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Very true, Baseball America rankings had many Canadians on their list.
-Rich Harden Oakland
Will be in the majors this year, throwing high 90's one of MLB top prospects ranked #1 in Oakland
-Vince Perkins Toronto
Fast track to the majors for this guy. Has three great pitches
-Scott Mathieson Philadelphia
96mph with power curve ranked 12th
-Justin Morneau Twins
Should play most of the season in bigs

Many more to come

BALTIMORE (Jan. 15, 2004)—Coppin State head baseball coach Guy Robertson announced the addition of mid-year transfers Carlos D’ Costa and Tommy Stratchko to the Eagle baseball program.

D’ Costa, a 6-foot-2 sophomore catcher from Kitchener, Ontario, can also play at first base and in the outfield, which gives the Eagles some extra options.

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