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Hi all. The coronavirus emergency is terrible on so many levels. I obviously feel awful for people who have lost loved ones or are currently quarantined. I also feel for all the college baseball seniors that lost their last year and all athletes that have lost what they have worked so hard to get to. In the big picture, this is not the most important thing- saving lives and stopping the spread is - but I can't help but wonder how the cancellation of college seasons entirely and these delays will impact recruiting. For instance, what if the NCAA grants another year of eligibility (and this is bigger than baseball) to all seniors that just lost their season? Does recruiting start now instead of June? What happens if showcases and big recruiting events get canceled? How will canceled high school seasons impact the summer? Will events like Showball, HeadFirst and other major events survive the financial hit? Will some prominent travel programs survive? Again, we all need to do what is right and necessary. It's really mindboggling when you dig into any issue be it business, the economy or baseball recruiting how impacts occurring now will have a ripple effect for the next year or years to come. Curious what other folks think about the baseball impacts.

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I will tell you what I think. Teams were in the air going to play for weekend and found out when they arrived that everything was cancelled.

This was a decision that the NCAA should have talked about a few days ago. 

I don't think anyone will know until the next 30 days but by then everyone might have a plan.

I blame our government for this. An absolute s*%& show!

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