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I requested Tiger80 to post this for me. He is in no way associated with the writing of this letter.

I am C.W. Duncan, many of you know me as "Dunc", and I am the outgoing president of the Lamar Baseball Booster Club. However, I am writing as an individual. I am completing my 8th year as a participant of the program and have been witness to many things both good and bad. However, one of the things Lamar is not, is classless. This includes the fans, players, coaches and administration.

The incident in question was extremely unfortunate and, yes, the individual should have been ejected, regardless of intent....AND many of our fans agree. But, that is the responsibility of the umpire(s) and regardless of how seemingly insane their judgement can be, their ruling/opinion is the final say.

I beg to differ on what has been said about the Lamar spectators reaction. Many of us politely clapped, and breathed a sigh of relief when the young man walked off. We were and are concerned for him and any player who meets with misfortune. Also, at the same time, many of us were preoccupied with the Mansfield Trainer, who was having a seizure behind our stands. Multiple Lamar representatives, including our Trainer and Principle, were involved in providing aid to her while waiting for an ambulance.

As for our coaches, I cannot answer for them, only provide a character reference. They are decent men. Our head coach cares about kids, sometimes to a fault. In discussing this with him, he did not realize, right away, exactly what soon as he did, he went to render aid......He has called your coach, multiple times for updates.

As for LF08.....He is one of the most decent and caring men I have ever been associated with.....he has no culpability in this, except that he showed he cared in asking a simple question. In my humble opinion, he is owed an apology.

MAV, you and I have known each other for a long time. I have tremendous respect for you and your family. T and P shared some great baseball moments together as did you and I, over the years. Please hear me when I tell you that some very fine people have been slandered on these WAS UNFORTUNATE and the umpire decision was wrong.....We are sorry it happened. PLEASE, don't label us with such a harsh comment and especially not in a public forum.

I sincerely wish your player the best and your son/team much success.

If MAV or anyone else wishes to discuss this further, I will be more than willing to do so by phone or in person. This will be my only public forum comment on this matter. My phone number is listed below.

Baseball is a great game, sometimes spoiled by us, "the grownups"......I hope that all of your kids enjoy the game as much as my sons have and the best of luck to you all.


C.W. Duncan III
Half-Diamond 'D' Ranch
C 817.988.3982
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