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Coastal Carolina University is hosting their annual Best on the Beach Showcase on December 6th and 7th. 16 players from the last two year's 50 win teams, #1 Seeds, NCAA Myrtle Beach host and Conway Regional Champions attended a camp. This is a tremendous opportunity to be instructed and evaluated by a wide range of collegiate coaches at all different levels. The two-day format packs plenty of baseball into a short period of time. Sign up today at and/or e-mail Coach Thomas at
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Blprkfrnks - not sure if you are trying to cast aspersions on this particular program?

My fingers will grow tired if I start posting all the programs (including ACC/SEC) that run and advertise winter camps in exactly the same manner as posted here.

If you believe that quiet periods should not include these type of events, perhaps start another thread so as not to imply that there are any type of improprieties going on here.
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Originally posted by Blprkfrnks:
How do these winter camps that are offered during the Quiet or Dead time advertise that other colleges will be there?

Does this mean that the other college coaches are being paid to instruct?

It would seem to me that the NCAA would see that this is happening and not allow it if they are really wanting this to be a quiet time.

Read the NCAA rules, quiet (not dead) period allows all D1 programs to have their own camps and invite other coaches to attend (D1 as paid). For many this is a great advantage, one, for the programs because they raise much needed extra income, and two, this allows other coaches an opportunity to look for players for their programs, especially D2,3 and neighboring JUCOS and three, this allows more players to be instructed by more coaches (a staff of 3-4 can't evaluiate hundreds of players in a few days.

They all do it, there is nothing against the rules to prevent it.
A host of schools have December Camps.... UVA, Va Tech, Elon, App State, JMU, Marshall, USC, Coastal Carolina, among others have all invited my son to their December camps. I don't see anything wrong with it.

I think it would be a nice opportunity to visit some schools out of baseball season. I know that for our family it is very hard to find time when junior is playing.

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