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Actually this post can apply to any situation when your child leaves home for the first time.
Many of you are busy getting your child ready to go off to school. You are trying to enjoy the summer, but you know that departing day will be coming very shortly.
Mine leaves tomorrow for his second year, so I know what you are going through. It is much easier the second time around.

I am very proud of my son, he has learned sooo much this year, he is on his way to being a responsible adult. So I thought that I would share some of the things he has learned, while living on his own this year.

My son has learned the following:
To do laundry and separate the whites from the colors.
Make spaghetti (without the meatballs).
Which brand of mac and cheese is the best.
Which brand of peanut butter spreads the best.
Walmart has the best prices on paper goods.
How to use a plunger.
Blenders can be used for all sorts of drinks (not just shakes).
You get the best pizza for your money at Papa Johns.
You can use any screensaver/wallpaper you want because you don't have to share it.
The difference between a debit card and credit card.
How to write one check.
How to go to sleep with lights on in the room, but can't sleep in th mornings late because it is too bright.
How to share a bathroom with 3 others when you always had your own.
How to download 1000's of songs and then transfer them to an ipod.
Which beer has the best taste.
Which fraternity has the best parties.
Which sorority has the best looking girls.
Huddle House has better breakfasts than Waffle House.
The etiquette of tailgating.
Which fast food drive thru is the fastest.
How to carry on a text message conversation on your cell phone while in lecture hall.
When you go out all colors have to coordinate, you must look like the cover model of GQ but it's ok to have holes in your socks.
How to get your ears pierced.
How to get in a little trouble and how to stay out of big trouble.
How to iron and use the bed as an ironing board.
How to lose books that are given to you for free but now cost you money because you have to pay to replace them.
Your parents sent you to school with too many sets of sheets and too many towels. Big Grin

So you see, there is no need what so ever to worry about them, they will be fine. And when they come back for that first summer (even if for a few weeks), do know with all the things that they have learned while away that they are now responsible adults!
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