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Congrats to Eastern View graduates Brandon Mack and Trevor Funk for making their college debut's this past weekend.

Both true freshman starting for their teams:
Trevor is at D2 Alderson and Broadus in WV and had a a double, 2 singles, 2 stolen bases, 3 rbi, couple walks and a sac fly. in 2 games vs Claflin Univ.

Brandon is at D2 Chowan in NC and where he had 2 singles and an rbi and had 4 assist in the field in both games vs Coker.

Best of luck to these guys for the rest of the season. Anyone else know of any freshman getting their feet wet in the college ranks.
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Great news for them and many others as soon as the snow melts.Thanks for the post we have needed this here as we have lately been stuck in the mud with self-promoters and the out to getcha-club.We are hoping to hear good news from our area kids playing in the CAA,ACC, and the Big South.We also will be following some D-3 and Junior kids. Smile
643 - you are correct.

From the VMI website: Travis Thomas made his college debut for VMI in relief, pitching 2.1 inning's, retiring 7 batters in a row with NO hits, 1 Strike Out and NO Walks all on 16 pitches! To me, that qualifies as a super start to a collegiate career.

Besides Keeton and Thomas it looks like VMI freshman Rob Dickinson had a nice debut going 4 for 8 with his first "dinger".

Coby Cowgill also had his first start for VMI on the bump... Freshman -- starting in your first series --, that by itself is saying something about his ability and speaks volumes to the confidence the coaching staff has in him.

Looking at the VMI roster, it looks like they have some very talented freshman -- many of whom are from Virginia. I also see a lot of names I recognize in the Sophmore and Junior Classes and they are good players. They do look shy of seniors with only 3-4.

Congrat's to everyone listed, we need to keep sharing these wonderful accomplishments.... These young men will never forget these days, I am sure of that......
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