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Q: How does the college recruiting process work?

 It can go three ways. Coach to player, player to coach or coach to coach contact. A coach can reach out to a player after seeing them live or film and there academic standing. A player can reach out to a coach expressing interest. A club/high school coach can reach out to a college coach with information on their players. 

Q: How should a recruit let you know he/she wants to play for your college/university?

First, fill out that college/university questionnaire. Then make that contact(email) but know the rules for what division you are looking into because seniors and juniors we can email and call but sophomores and freshman's we can only email. We can accept phone calls but we can not make that first call to them yet. If, they send an email they should have these things in there:

first and last name, grad year, position, major looking to pursue, high school or club team you play on, film if you have it at the time of email, contact information at the end of email and a little information about you.  

Q: What coaches look for on official and unofficial visits?

 Your interaction and body language. Are they asking questions and concerns. Their interaction with the players and etc.    

Q: When do you start identifying potential recruits?

Senior and Junior year. But, I would go to tournaments, put on a camp or Prospect day to see sophomores and freshman to see them in action and then I can email them and start that communication flow. Then, now that they are Senior and Juniors we can go further into the recruiting.  

Q: College coaches are reaching out. Now what?

Browser, there school see if it's of interest. If it is, email that coach back and open the communication flow. But, at any point and there is no more interest or you committed let that coach know.  

Q: What advice do you have for a high school player not getting much attention from college coaches?

 We as coaches do get lost of emails a day or for the week so, be patient for a reply. Give it a few days or a week. Then you can resend them an email following up on your first email. Those that aren't getting seen or hard to get to tournaments get as much film you can and send them an email. Just sending an email is not enough especially if they can not make any of the tournaments your team is attending. When a coach does open that communication flow stay in communication. Don't go for weeks or months not responding to an email, text or call. Once, you stop having interest or committed somewhere let those coaches you reached out to and those that are reaching out to you know.   


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