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I am looking for advice on finding/enrolling for summer collegiate team for a son(CCL and so on). He is a Redshirt Freshman at a JUCO in CA. He had to redshirt as he had knee injury during his Senior year, which needed surgery. He is a CIF,a power hitter (6’2”, 215). He had a very decent Fall (especially coming after recovery), but hasn’t had much playing time yet during the season as Sophmores, get most of Playing time (no major stats yet)

He has compiled a short video based on Fall 2022. How does he proceed looking/approaching Collegiate teams for Summer? His Juco coach has a summer team but it’s already full.
Any thoughts, advice would be extremely helpful

He is open to playing anywhere in the country, given that he really wants to get in the action and possible chance of getting some good exposure

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I agree it should be the college coach who helps.  One other thing to know is that some collegiate leagues (the higher-level ones) make money from spectators and the player does not pay anything, or not much, and housing is provided, often through local families who host players.  Other leagues make their money from player fees, and/or may be made up primarily of local players, and thus not provide housing or provide very cheap housing.  In some cases, the time and travel players have to put in does not allow them to have a job to earn money; in other cases, the league will employ them for something else it does (for example, to help run youth tournaments).

So, part of what you have to do is figure out how much you are willing to pay for the summer collegiate experience.  If you thought you were done with paying for baseball after HS, you might have to think again.

Untested position players are the hardest guys to place, unless they are at a "name brand" school, ACC, SEC, etc.   If he has some numbers from the fall, shoot e-mails to team GM's, make it a positive e-mail giving the info, positions played, and coach contact info.   Summer league teams get lots of requests so he should polish his communication a bit. I have received e-mails where a kid didn't tell me his position, or phone number, or even his school name, just basically "I want to play". Anything that might stand out should be mentioned. Your son has a body out of central casting so if he benches 325 lbs and curls 200 lbs, or runs a good 60 yard dash, or has a cannon for an arm, don't be bashful.   And while you can help your son draft his e-mail, it should be sent by him. With no track record to speak of, he should play wherever he can this summer as he mainly needs playing time somewhere. When summer league teams recruit, previous good experience in another wooden bat league is significant.   Most teams don't carry more than 5 outfielders so if he can play multiple positions, that should be mentioned.  While most rosters are full by now, beginning in early May spots start opening due to players bailing out because of grades, injuries, girl friends, etc.      Good luck.     (I am a team president in the Valley League)

p.s.  Some college programs are very active in placing their players, some not so much, some not at all. The major D-1 programs and most D-2's are all active in placing players.   D 3's are hit and miss as are JUCO's.   Always ask your college coach-he may just wish you luck or he may have connections but it can't hurt to ask.

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Raj, Hokie is EXTREMELY qualified in this arena... be sure to read his post intently.

I'll add specific to the California JC world... the CCL is a very well established West Coast summer league and their rosters are typically loaded with D1 players, top performers from across the country at other levels and the very best local talent.  Based on your description of the player, even if he latched on, he very well may find himself buried or on a short term contract.

If he didn't get support from his JC coach, next steps I would suggest would be have him ask teammates, asst coaches, opposing team players where they will be playing.  He is very likely to come across names of teams and leagues not quite as prominent and a more likely fit.  Often, those "second tier" teams and leagues tend to fill their rosters later.  They come with their own set of challenges but sound like your best shot if he's not getting qualified referrals.

You said he is willing to play anywhere in the country.  If you pull up lists like this and exclude the ones that show up as "top ten" summer leagues lists, it can also be another place to explore.   Many will be pay-to-play.


Wish I could be of more help - used to be connected back there but moved away and out of the loop a few years back.

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Really appreciate all the great advice. He is a bit apprehensive about asking his juco coach to refer him as he still doesn’t have enough plate appearances. His travel ball coach and hitting coach can definitely vouch for his capabilities. hence planning to start with them for some leagues while he will send emails to other leagues

Also, if he doesn't get a spot at the beginning of the season, there are MANY openings that happen mid-season:  players find out they need to go to summer school, homesickness, injuries, etc....  I even know a player whose family has a vacation home on the cape and he walked on a team mid-season.  On son's NWL team, they picked up local college players at the very end. 

The number of PAs should not be an obstacle to discuss summer options. Coaches want their players to develop especially if they given less ABs. They may not set them up in a highly competitive league but should connect you kid to one that will get him more ABs. My son's HA D3 coaches were coaches in the summer leagues in the area so they do provide connections. They even provided leagues for the rising freshmen, my son declined as he wanted to play a local league as he was slowly coming back from injury and did not want an aggressive summer schedule

Has your son asked his coaching staff to help him find a summer team? Those coaches have seen him play for 6 months now… they are his best references for summer ball. Did he attend school full time during his true freshman year so will graduate and transfer to a 4 year school next year, or will he be returning to his current school next year?

Check out the New York Collegiate Baseball League. Mostly D3 level players from the northeast, but I’ve seen west coast kids on their rosters. Nice area for a summer vacation, too.

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