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Congratulations to David Stringer and his wonderful mom!

All David did was save his fourth game in a row, including all three in Stanford's weekend sweep of Kansas. It is great to see such a modest young man succeed; he's a brilliant student as well, and Stanford isn't exactly an academic kindergarten....
This young man grew up local to Stanford and always dreamed of playing there. What a neat story!
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Thank you all for your VERY kind comments! I love this site. Now, if anyone has any anti-worry pills and blood pressure medication for the Mom (too much pitching? OMG tying run on 3rd, top of the ninth, 2 outs--kind of all weekend long!), please do share!I'm a wreck.

P.S. Tiger Paw Mom--you know of course that "David" means "beloved". I get all teary-eyed when I think of our little boys, now almost all grown up, but still our beloved babies in our hearts. I have to say that I was feeling so nostalgic yesterday at the ballpark, because there were a lot of little boys chasing foul balls and/or toddling along with their parents, and I thought about how that used to be my boy!
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Thank you all again for your kindness and graciousness, but I think I'll ask Cleveland Dad to exercise those magical editing powers and close this down now. It is early in the season, it's been a great start, but as well all know, "Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint" and life, and baseball, are just full of ups and downs and I am kind of embarrassed by the publicity! I wish happy times, and courage in the tough times, to all of us, parents and players. Y'all know I'll be sending PMs to people when I need an extra dose of encouragement or perspective!

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