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When you say recruited--how serious is it--have they made you an offer?

Mobunts hits it on the head--there has to be a "fit"--it could well be that neither is the right "fit"-- a player doesn't go to a college just for the sake of taking a deal--he goes because he wants to be there and the "fit" is right. If you aren't happy there it can be a very miserable experience.

I think you have answered your own question. Both schools seem to be a fit, they both give you the academics that you want, assuming the offers are close, then which school will give you the best opportunity on the field individually, and which one has the best chance to win its conference or maybe it's Division World Series?
Go with the POWERHOUSE.
I agree. Good fit may also consider coaching styles. Something else to think about - have you watched any games, seen how the players interact with each other and the coaches? That might give you another feel.

It has to be your decision though.

(I would agree with Pirate Fan - my own decision would be the powerhouse!)
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