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I am going to be a senior this year, I have had a very successful junior season and summer season, I've received a little interest but not a whole lot, nothing like offers.  I'm more of a utility guy and I get on base a lot, not a flashy player, just play hard.  Would D3 and D2 schools reach out to someone like me later than most?
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Cabbage Dad is correct.  It's not too late, but you need to be contacting them.  Don't wait for them to notice you.  It really doesn't work that way (well - most of the time).


My son's experience was a little different.  We couldn't afford to go the showcase route so he played D2 JuCo for two years.  During his sophomore year (JuCo) he had a fantastic year batting .366 and ranked 2nd nationally among D2 JuCo players in number of doubles hit.  Towards the end of the season he had interest from several D3's and a couple of D2's.  Committed to a D2 this past May and leaves for the D2 university this coming week.


Josh, you say you had a very successful summer season... what is your summer travel team coach telling you?  Has he had contact with schools on your behalf?  Do you have a list of target schools?  What is your plan for this fall?  Showcases?  Target school camps?  You say you've had a little interest.  What did that consist of and is it from any schools that you have interest in?  You are not likely to get interest from your HS season so you really have to hit some targets this fall, IMO.  And I mean getting in front of them - not just sending out a video.  Don't know what your academic plans are but if you are set on giving college baseball a try and don't have any luck this fall, you may want to consider going the local JC route the first year (or two).  And don't underestimate the competitive level their either.  It may be wise to reach out to that coach and get a feel for whether he may have a spot for you.  The local JC coaches are usually familiar with the better HS players from the area.


I'll second the junior college route if no real interest develops.


College coaches generally don't scout high schools unless there is a particular player they are already interested in.


And yes the competition at the JC level is just as fierce as the D2/D3 level.  Son faced pitching that was generally in the mid-80's and occasionally the high 80's/low 90's.


The best thing I can suggest is to get on a travel team (if you aren't already) that will play in some showcases this fall.  Contact the schools on your list and let them know your schedule.


Early signing is usually in November, but I'm sure the D1/D2 are already offering and getting commitments.

My son plays travel ball on a team that does showcase tournaments at different colleges.  Our head coach always introduced the team to the coaches that were in attendance.  That was the first contact and when we returned home he would email those coaches and reintroduce himself and remind them of something that he did that may have stood out that weekend.  If a coach came to our HS to see other players he would email them and introduce himself and get the conversation started.  We always told him that even though the coaches may be there to see someone else HE could catch their eye.  He WAS lucky and did attract attention and committed to a D1 school his JR year as a 2 way...pitcher and MIF.  Many colleges D1,2 &3 are all having camps this summer and fall.  Find schools that you are interested in attending (education is a VERY important factor) and attend their camps, join a Fall showcase team, send emails to let coaches know where you will be playing.  get VERY GOOD grades and keep playing ball.  Good luck.

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