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I think the first of the series was eye-opening to some <-- those that have not been involved in select baseball. Ironic that they focused on the Dallas Tigers and the Beavens. I agree that it painted "us" -- yes, most of you are part of "us" -- with broad strokes and I was somewhat offended to be labeled (intentionally or otherwise) as some sort of nut. I'm sure the article was accurate, but facts regarding costs miss the boat on our family's.....passion. As I said in a previous post, is it a good "investment" to spend a week each year on a cruise or on the beach in Mexico or on the slopes in Colorado or at Wally World? <-- all choices on how to spend disposable income. All those things sounds great to me, but we choose to travel the countryside carrying bat bags, with few, if any, regrets. And if you told me today that D1 scholarships were being reduced to 9 (like D2) or to 5......we'd be here again next summer. It's what we do. It's not all about chasing the free ride to school.

For us, it's like the MC commercial....

Team fee: $1500
Summer travel: $1500
Equipment: $300
Baseball relationships & memories: Priceless!

My son will probably never wear his Super Series National Championship ring on a regular basis. My olders sons don't wear their HS class rings....I don't wear my college ring --- but they're all special to me, in their own unique way.

I have to confess...I didn't read the rest of the series closely.

Wow. The most recent addition to the series came out in yesterday's DMN and really slams a couple of guys and basically accuses them of taking people's money. The baseball guy at APS got ripped pretty good but apparently stepped up and gave an interview for the article although the other sport guy came off like a real sleaze. I wonder how many other Dallas area baseball instructors, coaches and indoor places read that and were thankful that it wasn't them that was singled out?
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