Hello all,

Attached is a flyer that my friend Dan Donaldson wrote. Please take the time to read it. 

I will give you a little background about Dan.  Dan played baseball at Texas A&M and transferred to TX State.  My friend Dave and I have the pleasure of taking Dan around on his visit to TX State.  We showed Dan such a good time he decided to transfer to TX State to finish is college baseball career.  He instantly became a part of our group of best friends.  Dan was drafted and pitched in the minor leagues for a few years. 

Unfortunately,  Dan was in a horrific accident once night, but luckily survived.   However his life and the lives around him have never been the same.  Dans mom passed away when he was a young child and, well I will let you read the attachment for me details.

The reason I am writing is because Dan's friends are throwing a fundraiser for him in Houston to help his family out with the Massive amount of medical bills and expenses they have incurred over the last few years.  I was hoping that the TWINS FAMILY could help.  SOOOOO if you would like to donate it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!  Any Amount, big or small will help. 

If you would like to donate please mail a check to me or bring it to your games this weekend.  I will get it from your coach. The fundraiser is November 12th so I will need it before then.  I hope that each of you will find it in your heart to donate whatever you can!  My niece donated $5 and a kiss on my cheek.  I will pass BOTH on to DAN!

316 Sonoma Dr
Allen TX 75013

Thanks you so much!


Ross Elmore


Dan Donaldson fundraiser


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