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I think one of the things that stick in my mind the most with regard to any recruiting in any sport is when bobby brownley said that as soon as he hit 90 in high school, scouts came pouring in. Now I know speed isn't everything, but what are some other things a pitcher can do that colleges love? I missed being able to pitch against Eric Duncan (Yankees' first round draft pick) by a year (although I watched my team get pummelled by theirs), and there were scouts at every game he played. What are other things colleges love?

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Being able to field your position
Attitude on the mound
Hustle on and off the field
Spotting hitters weaknesses
Intangeables that coaches spot

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I'm sure PGStaff won't mind my "lifting" his response in another forum. I thought this was really helpful info:

From the Thread "The 78-82 MPH Club" in the General Forum. Posted by PGStaff


From our stand point there's a few things we look at in a low to mid 80s pitcher.
1. Is he physically mature or does he have room to get bigger and stronger?
2. Does his fastball have exceptional life/movement?
3. Does he have a special pitch that will make him successful at a high level?
4. Does he have good command of three pitches?
5. Does he know how to pitch?
6. Does he have the makeup necessary to succeed at the highest levels.
7. Does his arm work smooth, fluid and with quickness.
8. Is there some deception with his delivery?
9. Are his mechanics solid or at least fixable.
10. Has he improved over the past few years or stayed the same.

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Hit 90 in any kind of public setting (except for dad and his gun in the back yard) and both pro and college scouts will be interested.

VElocity rules. Pros believe that they can teach you everything else. Colleges want you on campus so they can say they've got a 90 pitcher to the next 90 pitcher they are recruiting.

VELOCITY rules. That is "stuff"...all the rest is "fluff"!
Field presence - the "walk." I had heard a lot about Chuck Lofgren (top-10 '04 by Baseball America). First time I ever saw him walk on the field before the game started, I knew immediately which player was him and I knew he was for real. He had that "walk." He went on to hit 2 HRs in the game and looked like a man among boys in every thing he did.
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