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Quick question-

High school rules, we are using a DH for our catcher. If our catcher hits at any point, we lose the DH. But, my question is can the DH re-enter the game (I know he would have to play the field)?

Does it change anything if our starting catcher hits (so we lose the DH), then we enter another catcher into the game? Can we still re-enter the starting DH on defense?

Our DH may be a relief pitcher, which is why I ask.
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Your DH as you indicated is a starting player. He can reenter as long as he returns to the same place in the batting order that he originally occupied.

So in your situation...

DH starts game batting for catcher.

Catcher comes in to hit. DH goes to bench (and DH dies).

Eligible sub catcher comes in, original catcher goes to bench but can re-enter since he was a starter.

Original DH re-enters to pitch but sub catcher will have to go to the bench because the original DH will have to bat in that spot in the order. Original catcher could re-enter only if it was to replace the original DH (who is pitching) in the batting order.

The catch to this scenario is that all of the players mentioned (DH, starting catcher and sub catcher) are locked into the same spot in the batting order so only one of them can be in the batting order at a time.

P.S. I hope you have a lot of catchers. Smile
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Originally posted by Jimmy03:
Originally posted by coach2709:

Actually I think I understood most of it but it does explain why I usually just go with a straight nine of my lineup card.

You should see the NCAA version.

Ha! agreed......thus resides the old adage "you can only say that you have truly mastered the rules of baseball when you understand the NCAA DH rule..."
In the now old Pat Murphy days at ASU, he would make subs with his DH that I would spend litterally half an hour post game trying to figure out.

He knew what he was doing, but it usually took three conferences and four long discussions for everyone else to get it.

...then he decided to start doing the Stanford, "Start last night's pitcher in the DH spot and then pinch hit based on your first look at the pitcher" thing.


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