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I just purchased a Diamond Kinetics sensor to use with my 15 year old.   It's quite an impressive little machine, and I'm still trying to get a handle on it.  Does anyone, who might have some experience using it, have any guidance, recommendations or wisdom they might want to share?  

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Hoping to revive this topic and also include Blast Motion in the conversation.

I'm always helping the grandparents identify holiday gift ideas for my 2024 son … who loves his iPhone and the game of baseball more than anything else.  I thought a bat sensor may be the perfect match.  Yes … I know a gadget will not replace quality instruction and a couple thousand practice swings … 

Do you think its a good idea for a middle school kid to have his own do-it-yourself blast sensor?
How much parent engagement or coach engagement with the data is needed to get value from this gadget?

Do you have a preference for  or

Any strong, experienced, educated opinions?

I wouldnt buy blast because they require you to sign up a yearly fee to see all the data.

I have a zepp gen 1. I think it isn't as accurate as blast and dk (and probably zepp gen2) and reads high on batspeed. It is a nice tool but I wouldn't use it every time, maybe once a week to check your metrics and then create some drills in case something is off. When you actively work on something you can use it more of course but you also want them to develope feel for the barrel and then cross check against the actual data and not just rely on getting a read every swing.

Most important metrics are attack angle, vba and bat speed but the sensors also have compound scores now. I prefer the raw data tough.

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