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I am sitting here watching the Lakers and it seems to me that Shannon Brown (G) has elevated his game to the level of the players around him.

This made me wonder about baseball teams. Do good or great HS baseball teams elevate the play of everyone else on the team?

My son is on a young team (Re below average) this year and I feel sometimes they play down to the lowest common denominator.

I know of another team in the area that is way below average with a very good player on it and I wonder what he thinks or how he is performing. (I will go check his stats and come back with some info)

We have also played a couple of very, very good teams that I wonder if they if they raise the play of some of the younger players.
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Yes and no, in my opinion.
Many times the difference between an average player and a "GOOD" player is confidence.

I've seen the difference in a player that is the best on a bad team...then goes to an above average team where he is ONE of the top players...and the difference is amazing.

Confidence his team can make a play, confidence that if he has a bad day at the plate, they are still going to hit the ball..that does wonders for many players.

On the other hand...

I have seen better than average players get on a GOOD team and they seem to get intimidated. They'd rather fly under the radar than go all out.

I think it depends alot on the player.
Have seen sons entire team play down to the competition barley beating or losing to inferior team and played up to elite teams. Boys defiently raise their game--I think some teams are better then others at it--my sons team have won around 15 tournament championship games with only 1 2nd place--if they make it to the final they win.
Confidience is key as another reader posted not only in yourself but your teamates.
This made me wonder about baseball teams. Do good or great HS baseball teams elevate the play of everyone else on the team?

It depends on whether these great baseball teams roll out their ace or one of their lesser pitchers.

If an average team throws out their ace and is a legitimate ace while the top team sends out their 4th or 5th option, then the underdog might have a shot to play up to the competition and pull off an upset.

If the top team throws their ace, then it's probably over before the game starts. This is assuming it already got into the heads of the underdogs before the game starts. If they got some confidence and play a good game, they might hang around a little longer.

It could work both ways. Playing a good team might amp up an opponent and they focus on playing better or a good team could just give an underdog a good beatdown and kill their confidence and cause them to play sloppy.
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I just checked the stats of the player I was thinking about and his numbers are much lower than I expected...even on a weak team. He may also get pitched around but his OBP is low also. They are not in our league so don't know the circumstances.

I know my son keeps saying he can't wait to play on his summer team, not that he is not having fun...but it is more fun to win than lose. Wink

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