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Does the position a guy play in HS matter to college coaches or do they evaluate the whole package?

I'm asking because my son is battling his HS coach to play SS. The coach insists he play 2B, yet admits he's the strongest IF on the team and has the best arm on the team. Does this make any sense?

We are worried college people will think something is off if he's playing 2B and the SS is much weaker.
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Here's my opinion and suggestion for what it's worth. My son also plays MIF and a junior in HS.

You ask does it matter, do they evaluate the whole package?

Yes sir, Baseball VIP's will notice!

They will watch him arrive before games, notice his appearance, attitude, demeanor in the dugout, his athleticism, hustle on and off the field, arm strength, hitting, fielding ability, throwing accuracy, team support, how does he handle failure/success, motivation, endurance, enthusiasm and...

Tell your player to work hard, stay positive, and do his very best. It will show through my friend. That's a promise!

Good luck to your son, I wish him the very best...

Learning day by day on the hsbbweb...

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It may well be that the coach in having two shortstops, which he obviously does, feels that playing your son at second it makes for a better infield strength up the middle.

Let the ego go-- do what is best for the team--if the boy has talent the scouts and college coaches will see it--I have been known to take three shortstops, all of equal ability and play one at third, one at short and another at second--I have three great athletes on the field at the same time and it makes for a stronger team.

Take a few steps back and look at the whole picture. Baseball is a team game-- It could be worse --coach could bench your son instead of playing him at second.

You play where you are asked to play and don't worry about colleges. If you can pick it and throw, they'll see you and notice you. My son plays SS for his HS team, his coach says that he'll probably play 2B in college, (although he admits he could be wrong on this), so, I initially thought that if the coach thinks he will be playing 2B in college, then why not showcase it now? I've learned from several college coaches that they aren't necessarily looking at the posistion, they are looking at everything else.

For example, I was also told that a number of colleges are signing mostly SS and simply move them all over, OF, IF, with the exception of 1B. Just like TR said.

My son will be playing 3B for a pretty high profile travel team this summer, although he prefer to play another position, but as TR said, it could be worse he could be sitting and backing up at SS and 2B.

One other thing - it's a long season and lots of things can happen, last year after our final pre-season game the coach changed the entire infield around. Play hard and good things will usually come of it.

No ego involved-he's played every inning on varsity since he was a freshman, so we are way past the ego stage. I was just wondering what people will think. Usually the SS is your best IF, not 2B. It's just confusing to me.

The kid playing SS is also our #1 P, so he'll be pitching twice/week. It just doesn't make alot of sense to me having a back-up at that spot that often.

Personally, I think C is his best spot (1.84-1.86 Pop times), but the coach refuses to let him catch.

Thanks for the replies.

PS-TRHit, he got your e-mail the other day about showcases. Thanks.

If a kid is a solid shortstop he can play anywhere--at the HS level he is usually the best athlete--- that is why we many times use three shortstops in the infield positions and I have also used them in the outfield-- but like you say it is different strokes for different folks--that is what makes this game of baseball so much fun.

I kno i might be young, im a sophomore now, and was on varsity last season,didnt see much playing time(this is irrelevant). In my experience the more positions that u can play well gets you on more teams then being a "specialist". My number one position is catching, but i can play anywhere on the field when the coach wants me to. That is a very important thing to have, VERSATILITY. Sure i average a 1.87 pop time, but maybe im more important to the team as a leftfielder, Baseball is a team sport and if ur son is a Well Rounded Ball player colleges will surely take notice, cause for all u kno he could end up playing RF, for example or first baseman is going to UNC and they want him to play right field, cause they need power in that position. i wouldnt worry about it, highschool isnt everything, summer and fall teams are were its at
As a kid I only worried about whether caoch had my name on the lineup card and then I looked to see where I was playing-- As long as you are one of the starters does it really matter where you play--with the advent of the DH, players with a strong bat now get the chance that was never there previously.

Yes it is nice to be the starting SS but I know many SS who ended up in CF because the coach had two good shortstops-- Coach just put me in the lineup--anywhere!!!!!


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My son is a freshman who is a 1b/3b/RHP. In the beginning of the season the coach asked him what position? My son says I can play anywhere you need me. Now he is playing quality time mostly on the varsity level, playing almost every inning but at a different postion each game. He is basicly a utility guy. Coaches love that. now if he plays first base one game and then next game the 3rd basemen is going to pitch he will start at 3rd etc......

What I am trying to say is that to be skilled at more than one postion is a VERY good thing to have. Its the easyest way to get playing time and I know from experience that colleges will take a guy who can play 3rd and can catch when they need him to over a guy who just plays 3rd.

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Does what position you play in high school have any bearing on how college coaches evaluate a player? I don’t think it has a great deal of impact unless a player is lacking in a particular area that would affect his ability to play a particular position. If (notice I said "IF")the high school coach moves a player to second base because he lacks arm strength, then yes, it could have an impact, but the arm strength is the culprit not the fact he’s playing second base. The best way to insure a player gets seen on a “level playing field” is to attend showcases. High school baseball is not the ultimate springboard to playing college baseball! My son played C/P/3rd/1b all through high school. At the time I felt this might “confuse” coaches and scouts, but they make evaluations based on talent, not stats or the position you play. As far as playing more than one position, I would have to say versatility does offer more opportunity. This past weekend in the Auburn/Clemson series, my son caught the first game, played 1b the second game, and in the third game was the designated hitter and went to the mound and pitched the 6th, 7th, and 8th and picked up the “W”.

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
I would talk to the showcase director and ask if he could showcase in two positions. My son did this. Sometimes there is a small additional fee but it could be money well spent.
Best of luck,

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
My son was always able to play every position, but he was groomed to be a pitcher. His multi skills are being used this year, he has second highest batting average on the team and 1B when not pitching. Actually he is a dynamite ss, 3B but you know how that takes a toll on the arm. We told him to enjoy this year as he will never have that opportunity again.
Now I see lots of these first round draft prospects )college and HS) that are pitchers and great hitters/ OF/IF as well. After reading several dozen media guides and becoming familiar with players, I see they are used at many different positions this year than last.
My son gave up a lot of sitting on the bench for his pitching skills, I am wondering now if he should have played other positions as well during these past few HS years.
You might just showcase him where he does the best, as in our case a pitcher.
My son's played catcher in every varsity game since he was a freshman. He tried out for several junior colleges in Arizona last fall; one wanted him at catcher, one wanted him at 2B, and one wanted him at 3B. He ended up at a school that offered him a part scholarship as catcher and an additional part as a third baseman. Coaches will see the athlete in your player and put him where they need him. What he did in high school may not matter at all; in fact, none of the coaches that offered my son scholarships had ever seen him play in high school.
I guess you are right and I never looked it that way. I figured my son's pitching only would get him to the next level and it did. However now I am thinking about all the years his coach told us to showcase him as a pitcher only. That's ok, it worked for him, but still all those years he could have been off the bench!
Yes I see it does. I was recently speaking with an advisor who came to town to see my son play and we had a discussion about how you often see the pitcher as probably the most versatile, athletic player on the team, but seldom allowed to show their versatility. I suppose a lot of this has to do with less throwing, less injury , etc. I am not sure.
I remember my son always complaining about being a pitcher because he played less, he wanted to be in the game from start to finish. However, I don't think he would now ever give up that feeling of being able to be in control of the game, even if he got to play every day!
Maybe position doesn't matter, but there are many more opportunities availabale for one who pitches.
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hey dont worry, some college coaches will wonder if he has such a great arm like his high school coach says then why isnt he playing short....a good recruiter will notice his fundamentals and realizes that hs ball is really political... dont worry about your son, just support him.... when he is warming up in between innings makes sure he takes balls from the first baseman from behind the bag so if scouts are looking and see the arm he has, the scout will think his coach is an idiotSmile wish your son the best...just remember most hs coaches dont know the game that well, but theres other ways to showcase your talent and to be reconized Smile good luck

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