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The Players Seminar will be an exclusive 2-hour hands-on testing session. We will cover Driveline’s approach to:

  • Warm Up
  • Throwing Drills
  • Velocity Development (in-and off-season)
  • Post-Throwing Recovery

All players will receive:

  • A comprehensive biomechanical analysis
  • A bilateral force plate analysis
  • In-depth spin rate analysis
  • Suggested changes to training programs based on weight training, weighted ball, force plate, kinematic, and physical screen markers
  • High-speed footage of their pitches (1000 FPS) and pitching mechanics (500 FPS) from an industry-grade camera (Edgertronic)
  • Mechanical breakdowns and corrective analyses (provided within a week after the seminar)
  • Access to the evening’s coaches session

AZ Seminar 2AZ Seminar 1

The Coaches Seminar will cover:

  • In- and Off-Season use of Driveline’s pitching programming
  • On-Going Research Projects
  • Q&A with Kyle

Only SIX (6) spots available for players, 32 spots for coaches – will sell out FAST.


X2 Athletic Performance (Facebook Link)

9035 E Pima Center Pkwy, Ste 4 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


We encourage players to own their own development process. Included with the admission price for a player is complimentary access for 1 family member or coach to observe the training session.


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